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How to clean a gold chain

Gold chains are a piece of jewelry that many of us wear every day. Despite the fact that they get dirty, there are homemade methods with which to maintain the shine of your jewelry is very easy and practical. Here we explain it step by step.

Ways to clean a choker made of gold

A gold chain can be thick or thin, but in either case it can be cleaned to a shine.

1. How to clean a gold chain according to its type

We often clean our gold pieces without taking into account what type of gold it is. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold have different alloys, so they also deteriorate in different ways. Identify the type of gold in your chain before you start cleaning.

Gold yellow

Yellow gold has 18 carats and is the most used in jewelry. This metal is very resistant, so it does not need care. Even so, it can be cleaned with a cloth dampened with water and a little ammonia. If you are one of those who like to have your jewelry with an impeccable appearance, you can take your yellow gold jewelry to the jewelry store to restore its original appearance.

White gold

This type of gold is a mixture of pure gold with metals such as silver, palladium, nickel or platinum. In addition, it is covered with a layer of rhodium. Because of this characteristic, it is delicate and it is best to take your white gold piece directly to the jeweler to have it professionally cleaned.

Rose gold

Finally, rose gold is made of an alloy of 24 carat fine gold, silver and copper. In this case, the cleaning method is the same as for yellow gold: water with ammonia or directly to the jeweler.

In any case, here's how to clean a gold chain with very effective homemade tricks.

2. How to clean a gold chain with baking soda

Regardless of whether your chain is made of yellow, white or rose gold, baking soda combined with water is very effective for cleaning jewelry. To do so, follow the instructions:

Cleaning a gold chain with baking soda is one of the most effective ways there is. We will need a glass container and aluminum foil to line the container with the foil. This way, the chain will come in contact with the material and will clean better. When placing the chain, cover it completely with baking soda. Now, pour boiling water over the chain and let it act for 5 minutes. In the meantime, sterilize a soft toothbrush and rub the jewelry carefully. To finish, rinse the chain in cold water and dry it with a soft cloth. 


3. How to clean a gold chain with toothpaste

As before, sterilize a soft toothbrush and rub the jewel in circular movements with toothpaste. Then clean with lukewarm water. If you have not achieved the expected result at once, repeat these steps. Finally, dry the jewel with a soft cloth and leave it on a flat surface. This method is one of the most accessible and cheapest to clean your gold chain.


4. How to clean a gold chain with sparkling water and soap

Finally, the easiest method of how to clean a gold chain is with sparkling water and neutral soap. To begin with, take a container and add soap and sparkling water at lukewarm temperature. If you don't have sparkling water, it also works, although the effervescence of the sparkling water removes the stains better. Now you have to submerge the chain and leave it there for about 15 minutes. If the jewel is very dirty, you can sterilize a soft brush and rub the jewel in circular movements, always very carefully. After 15 minutes, rinse the chain with warm water. Finally, you should dry the chain well with a soft cloth and leave it on a flat surface.

Now you know how to clean your favorite gold chain. Whether it is yellow, white or rose gold, it can always be carefully washed with baking soda, toothpaste or soapy water. In case of any doubt about how to clean your gold chain, go to a jewelry store to have it professionally treated.



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