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How to choose the perfect length for your necklace

If you are a #LavaniGirl, we know that you know our necklaces and that you know how to use them spectacularly, but many of you have told us that you don't know if you are combining them in the best possible way, especially because of the predetermined size of the necklaces, so we have created this post to rescue you and help you to forget these doubts.

Necklaces of different lengths

 To start at the beginning, we have to tell you that ideally, your necklace should be adjustable to almost any size. At Lavani, this is possible with our necklace necklaceand choker extenders, which allow you to choose the size you like and to wear it in different ways depending on your outfit and what you feel like at the moment.

However, since many of you either don't have an extension cord or have fixed necklaces that cannot be resized, we have created a table to help you know the different sizes of necklaces, their names and what you can combine them with to make them look better.

There goes our super guide!!!!!

35 Choker or choker Tied tightly around the neck Almost any garment except turtlenecks
40 Necklace Tied tight to the neck, with some slack Almost with any garment, except with clothes without any cleavage at all
45 Princess Near the clavicle Almost with any garment, except with clothes without any cleavage at all
50 Matinee Right between the collarbone and the neck You can wear it even with clothes without cleavage
55 Opera Right at the bust area You can wear it even with clothes without cleavage
From 60 Rope or loop Just below the bust You can wear it even with clothes without cleavage


We assume (and hope) that this has helped you a little more to clarify your doubts, but we believe that giving you one (or several) examples is the definitive solution so that you can be sure that your choice is the best one.

If you are looking for an everyday necklace, you will have to look for something that is not too overdone and can be combined with practically everything. This can be achieved with the initial necklaceInitial Necklace, which will also define you a little more at a glance.

It's summer, you're tan and you want to show it off. Then, it's time to bring out your chocker Jasmine and let it work its magic: pair it with a strapless top and a midi skirt and get that look you've seen so much of this season.

You are thinking about a more formal outfit to wear in your day to day, but you want it not to be boring, what can you choose? We have it clear: a shirt without cleavage, your Hydra necklace necklace in any color and some joggers that match with some sneakers. Comfortable and elegant, what more could you ask for?

But, be very clear that... although we have revealed some little tricks to make you feel more comfortable with your necklaces and to make you feel more comfortable, we have something VERY IMPORTANT to tell you:

Any necklace that you like and feel comfortable with, will be perfect for each of you, no matter your size or shape.

Even so, our intention is none other than to help those who have small doubts and also the most curious, to find the size of necklace that best suits you.

Did you already have your ideal size or have we helped you decide on a specific one?


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