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Hair ornaments

We know that choosing the perfect hairstyle for a wedding is something difficult, loose hair, ponytail, headdress, ... There are so many options to choose from. That's why today in LAVANI we give you some ideas of decorations that you can wear in your hair to be the perfect guest.

What embellishments can complete your guest look? We tell you how embellishments can become the center of everyone's attention.

Read on to find out which ornaments will give you that unique touch!

1. Headbands

Headbands can be the perfect accessory if you are looking for a simpler hairstyle and you are not one of those who dare to wear big headdresses. Headbands with stones, pearls, flowers... there are so many!

They are elegant and are a safe bet for all types of weddings, day or night. With our collection of rhinestone tiaras you can complete your looks if what you like is natural stone. The Olivenza Multicolor tiara with blue and mauve tones is perfect for these occasions.

headband hair ornament

If you want to see how to wear this trendy accessory, check out our blog about guest hairstyle ideas with headbands.

2. Forks and pins

This type of accessory is a very comfortable option that also has a double use, as it is a way to gather the hair and also a way to decorate it. Whether you wear your hair up or semi-up, they are ideal accessories to collect small sections of your hair, adding color and shine to your hairstyle.

hairpin hair ornament

In addition, whether you are one of those who seek to give prominence to the look with elaborate hairpins or if you prefer a simpler hairstyle, these ornaments are a very good choice. There are pearls, precious stones? There are so many that we wouldn't know which ones are our favorites!

If you go for an original updo, the best thing to do is to complement it with simple earrings like the Malta White or the Mercury Aquamarine. But if you prefer half updos that leave your hair loose, a very good option will be earrings with more color like the Blue.


3. Flowers

Flowers have always been an element present in this type of events, either in the bridal bouquet or as decoration of the place. They will give that touch of nature and simplicity. Although it is true that it depends on the type of wedding, informal or black tie, you can adapt this type of decoration to your look and hairstyle.

flowers in hair ornament

You can wear them in many different ways: from in an updo or braid to wearing them Frida Kahlo style as a crown. Without a doubt, you won't fail with this adornment!

4. Coleteros

Finally, do not forget this versatile and comfortable adornment as the ponytail. A low or high ponytail, with or without volume, no matter what type of ponytail you wear at the wedding, with ponytails like the Clemence you will get it right. Ponytails are a simple and very elegant hairstyle that you can also adapt according to your hair type.

clemence scrunchie

In our blog about ponytails for weddings you will know the Auria collection, in which ponytails with golden textures of unique design will give your look a very special touch. In addition, with this collection you will discover handcrafted jewelry with a unique design that you can combine perfectly with your outfit.

guest hair ornament

From LAVANI we hope these hair ornaments ideas have inspired you when deciding on your hairstyle, tell us which is your favorite hair ornament for your next wedding!



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