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Earrings for earth tone looks

Earth tones are here to stay. From dark brown, beige, or russet, these are some of the most popular colors to wear now. But how to combine brown with accessories? We bring you an endless number of combinations of earrings with brown looks.

What earrings to wear with earth tones looks



1. Gold

Of course, the first color that goes with earthy colors is gold. On our website, we have infinite golden earrings for all tastes.

The Mykonos earrings, with a unique design, modern style and green Malquita stones, are perfect for a brown dress look.

Other ideal golden earrings are the Miami Round Earrings. These are medium size flat round earrings that are frontally placed on our lobe, giving a very special effect. We recommend combining them with a rust-colored jumpsuit or an everyday blouse.

But, without a doubt, our favorites are the Grinko Earrings, which go great with earth-colored dresses. The Grinko leaf comes from Korea, China and Japan. In addition, these earrings can be placed up to 4 different ways to adapt to each face, so they are very special.


2. White

An accessory like the Maldives White Earrings will save any look in earth tones. These sea-inspired earrings with Australian mother-of-pearl stones will enhance the color of your dress.

If you like big earrings, the Lavani Leaf White Earrings are the best. It has hand dyed natural quartz druzes that will highlight your features in the most beautiful way.

On the other hand, asymmetrical earth-colored dresses, as well as one-shoulder bodysuits, can be combined with the style of the Adoration Pearls Earrings. We all know that pearls and stones are the ones that highlight our look and smile the most, it will be the most original and you will look beautiful!



Black is a classic! It looks elegant and serious to combine any garment in earth tones. Our first proposal is the Lavani Circle Black Earrings. They are front golden earrings decorated with a round black druse stone that fits perfectly to your ear. They are so elegant that you won't be able to resist.

If you are simpler, don't worry, we also have more options such as the Black Idol Hoops. Its asymmetry is also worn with other asymmetrical cuts, as we have previously mentioned. This "3 in 1" goes against the prevailing fashion creating a very unique piece. Don't miss them!


4. Rosa

Depending on the shade of pink, the color will be more or less a friend of dark brown, light brown or beige. If we talk about pale pink, the Marble Pink Earrings is one of the most beautiful, soft and delicate beige dress accessories you can find.

Leaving aside the pale pink, fuchsia pink is the perfect option for dark brown. For the most daring and massive tastes, Daphne Fuchsia Earrings with dragonfly shape is one of the options to combine with dark brown dress, try them as soon as possible and you will not regret it!

For the more discreet ones, the Eclectic Shine Fuchsia earrings are great for everyday wear. Available in large and small according to your taste, don't miss them! 


5. Garnet

Garnet could not be missing. The color itself is included in the earth tones together with reddish, burgundy, wine, etc. All these colors are warm tones that will make you look spectacular.

To help you, we have chosen the Mercury Garnet Earrings, with spatial shapes and a natural stone hanging like a planet, they will bring elegance and flatter your features.

In our list we could not miss the Alhambra Ruby Earrings. As soon as we see them, we think of the Alhambra and the beautiful views through its windows. There is only beauty, harmony and magic.

Finally, versatile and easy to combine with any brown dress look, the Madison Red Orange Earrings Madison Red Orange Earrings are one of our favorites for a wedding.


6. Green

Although it may surprise you, green and brown are the colors of nature, so they are perfect allies.

The most magnificent earrings you can imagine are the Paramount Green Earrings. They have zirconia stones in deep green and bear the name of the Art Deco style building. You'll be so dazzled you won't believe it!

Changing tone but not color, if you like the tropical and you have a plan or celebration near the beach, the Amazona Earrings are what you are looking for. Inspired by nature, they have a golden palm leaf and a central malachite stone. A must-have!

Continuing with nature, the Marrakech Earrings are round and medium sized, perfect allies for a brown satin dress. Wearing this jewel is to merge with Marrakech and feel like a palm tree that sways in the breeze and stands like no other, don't miss them!


What color do you dare to combine your earth colored dresses with?


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