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What is an Earcuff? 6 Hole-less earrings you need.

We know, you've ever wondered... Ear Cuff... what is it?

Discover what are the Earcuff and the 6 no hole earrings you need

Today we come to solve this doubt and to show you your new favorite accessory: the earrings without hole that will make you complete your jewelry look with ears full of shine without the need to make more holes.

Earcuff earrings without hole gold plated with yellow stones


What are Earcuff earrings? Earcuff for a thousand occasions

Surely you've ever wondered... Ear Cuff, what is it?

The latest trend in jewelry! Ear CufftitleEarrings collectionEartitleCufftitleEarringstitle or simply Earcuff are earrings without holes for those of you who don't have or don't want to get any more. They adapt perfectly to the ear, are somewhat flexible and open and close to stay fixed in the area of the cartilage without a hole. There are a thousand types, sizes, shapes and colors, but what is clear is that Cuff earrings can be worn on a thousand and one different occasions.

Earcuff piercing false double ear piercing in gold with white stones

Before we show you our selection of 10 Ear cuff earrings without hole that you needI'm going to tell you a little bit about how this trend started because, although you may have been thinking "Ear Cuff, what is it?", Earcuff earrings have been around for many years.

It is said that the first model of cartilage earrings without a hole dates back to 2000 B.C., when there was a type of earring called Kaffa, a name that reminds us of today's Cuff, designed to be placed on the outer edge of the ear. These could be made of many materials, from brass to precious metals with pearls and stones.

In the 30s of the 19th century, this accessory began to be seen in different celebrities who were attracted by the most different and innovative fashions and accessories, but it did not last long as Earcuff earrings without ear holes were somewhat forgotten until the 80s, which was one of the best moments of this type of jewelry.

Today, these fake ear piercings are an innovative accessory that many people want to have to decorate their ears in a different way than what we are used to. Apart from people like us or like you, we can see these earrings that simulate piercing put on different actresses and influencers complementing their looks to perfection.

6 Hole-less earrings you need: discover fake ear piercings

There are several types of Earcuff, as we have mentioned, but generally they are all earrings for the ear in the cartilage without a hole. It is true that there are some models that may include parts that require a hole, but it is not the norm. What we like most about this type of earrings without hole is that you can put them on and take them off whenever you want and you will not have that "hole" that leaves the hole of conventional piercings. Therefore, the earrings without hole are the ideal choice for you if you tend to get infected piercings, if you only wear them on specific occasions and punctual...

Earcuff with dangling chain: interchangeable ear stud with ear chain

1. Ear Cuff chain: ear cuff earring with ear chain

First of all, we present you one of your favorite Earcuff earrings: the Earcuff Nirelle. It is interchangeable to complement it with any earring, but the best thing is that it is a with chain for the cartilage without the need of a hole. At the top it is like a normal Ear Cuff with chain that you put on and adapt to your ear without the need for a hole. From the Earcuff earring hangs a chain with zirconia stones that ends in a link with a hole through which you can insert the stick of your earring (in this way, as we have said, you can interchange them with any earring). This way it becomes an earring with ear chain without the need of a hole that you can combine with all the ones you have in your jewelry box.

Gold plated earcuff which is a gold plated earring without a hole.


2. Gold Ear Cuff

Secondly, if you are just starting out in the world of Earcuff earrings and are looking for something discreet and easy to wear, we have the gold Ear Cuff for you. The Earcuff Pacifique is a simple gold Ear Cuff with small white zirconia. It is discreet and as it is thin and you only have to open it minimally to place it and fit it on your cartilage. You can use it for the upper part of the ear as well as for the more central part of the ear, start shining with this golden Ear Cuff!

Ear Cuff earrings as hoop earrings without hole in gold with white stones


3. Ear Cuff Earrings: hoop earrings without holes

If you are a big fan of hoops, you will love the Ear Cuff Earrings. They are hoop earrings without hole in a single model. It is an Ear Cuff Earring that goes around several times creating the effect of several. It works like any other Ear Cuff, but when you put it on and adjust it to perfection it will look like you are wearing several hoop earrings without a hole, and you won't even notice that they are without it! This is definitely your option if you're looking to wear more hoop earrings, but don't want to get a new hole.

Golden ear cuff with colored stones of LAVANI design


4. Gold Ear Cuff with colored stones

Of course, we could not not show you a model of Ear Cuff in gold, but with colored stones. As you already know, we think they are wonderful, because you don't need to do anything, just put it on your ear and adjust it to it without any problem and it will look spectacular. This is a model of Ear Cuff earrings in gold with colored stones for people who would like to know how they would like a full color piercing, but do not dare to put a hole more, or directly do not want to do it because they do not want to wear it permanently.

Large ear cuff with multicolored rainbow stones


5. Large Ear Cuff

On the other hand, we can see in the large Ear Cuff The written Woman Multicolor, that there are some more special large Earcuff. This one features a traditional nut earring that is attached by two circles, one larger and one smaller, to a multicolored Earcuff with a cloud decoration on the ends. It's made so that you don't need an extra hole to put it in, but, as you can see, it's an earring with Earcuff all in one.

Fake eclair earcuff with stones in white and gold plating


6. Ear Cuff: Ear Cuff fake

In the case of the Earcuff Eclair, it is a double ear cuff with white stones. A special and neutral model that will be useful for the most daring evening looks because of its stones and shine, as well as for everyday looks because of its neutral white color of the Piedraluna. This Ear Cuff fake is a great option if you are starting in the world of ear cuffs, but do not want to fall into the basic and simple.


Little by little, piercings without a hole have been creating a niche in the fashion world. They have reached the catwalks and many fashion cities. Earcuff earrings from small and minimalist and can be worn at any time, to more daring covering almost the entire ear, risking and highlighting.

Celebrities like Madame de Rosa (influencer), Paula Echevarría (actress), Blanca Suárez (actress) and Dulceida (influencer) have worn Earcuff earrings on different occasions, complementing and making their looks a little more daring. And you, why don't you risk a little more than usual and try some Earcuff? I'm sure you'll look great and you'll wear them to perfection, more and more people are using the Cuff!



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