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Ear piercing names and types

Piercings are a small jewelry accessory that offers thousands of possibilities and always adds the finishing touch to any look. This style of earring is very fashionable and that is why different kinds of piercings have emerged lately.

Discover all the types of piercings and the names of ear piercings you didn't know.

There are many styles and shapes, so at Lavani Jewels we have created a special section dedicated to the different types of piercings, so that by combining them you can create a complete ear look according to the occasion.

We tell you what are the different types of ear piercings that exist depending on the position in which the hole is located and we give you some styling tips to combine the different positions avoiding creating an overly overloaded look.

Take into account all the details and complements and discover how to cover your ear in a spectacular way in this LAVANI Jewels Blog. Let's get started!


Ear piercing guide names

We begin with a general overview of the names used for the types of piercings according to the hole.

LAVANI Jewels Piercing Guide

  • Lobe: It is the one commonly called "first earring", it is the most common. These are the earrings that are made at birth, the antiallergic earrings for babies can be made of silver or gold.
  • Upper lobe: Piercings in the upper lobe that are located just above the first earring. Several holes can be made in the ear in this area.
  • Helix: The name of the cartilage piercing is known as Helix. This area tends to get infected easily, which is why we recommend using hypoallergenic earrings for women, as well as having ear piercings done by a professional.
  • Contra-Helix: This hole is located above the tragus, on the opposite side of the helix, between the ear and the face. If you are one of the people who tend to have allergies to jewelry earrings, the best solution is to invest in anti-allergic piercings.
  • Rook: This hole is made inside the ear. It is a very delicate area, but don't worry, at LAVANI you can buy anti-allergic earrings online.
  • Daith: It is the most internal piercing, it is done in the fold of the cartilage.
  • Tragus: This earring is located at the entrance of the ear. As it is a very inner area, we recommend you not to have this hole made if you tend to be allergic to earrings, tragus ear piercings are complicated, so always go to an expert.
  • Anti-tragus: The piercing is placed on the side opposite to the side above the upper lobe.
  • Flat: It is located very close to the Helix, in the upper part of the ear.
  • Conch: It is located in the lower part of the cartilage.
  • Nostril: It is located in the lateral cartilage of the nose.
  • Septum: It is placed between the two nostrils.


 Let's start with the different types of piercings and their names. Did you know that you can have piercings all over your ear? Yes, even up to the central part. 



1. Earlobe piercing

2. Upper lobe piercing

3. Cartilage piercings

4. Piercings without hole or earcuff

5. Climbing earrings

6. Multi-position piercing

Read on to discover all the types of piercings you can combine to make your ear fashionable!

1. Earlobe Piercing

The first hole in the lobe or also called "first earring" is the most common. Many of us have this hole made as soon as we are born, it is the one we use the most and the earrings we place in this position are the ones that will have the most prominence.

For this hole we choose the biggest and heaviest earrings. XL piercings are always a good option, this kind of piercings will be the ones chosen if you want to give an extra touch to your ear.

The Maui are multi-position piercings perfect to place in the first hole of your ear. They have natural stones in light tones and 24 carat gold plating, a very elegant combination. This type of piercing called lobe piercing completely dresses your lobe as it will be completely covered.

 2. Piercing in the upper lobe

This kind of piercing is the one that is placed just above the first hole and will always have to be smaller in size. In this area of the lobe we can make several holes and thus combine many different piercings.

At Lavani Jewels we are fans of small piercings, so you can find hoop type options, with natural stones, floral shapes and zirconia. You have endless possibilities for this type of ear piercing, but if you do not know what to choose, choose a set of piercings. In LAVANI Jewels we only have earrings that do not cause allergies, so do not worry about infections and decorate your ear with the most beautiful piercings.

LAVANI's includes three ear piercings. includes three piercings ideal to wear day by day and place in ascending order in the holes of your ear. Place the larger piercing in the lower part of your earlobe and the smaller ones in the upper part.

Discover the colored piercing packs on our website!

3. Cartilage piercing

Cartilage piercings are placed in the highest part of the ear. This area tends to get infected a lot, that is why we consider it essential to use a very comfortable, simple and quality piercing.

We recommend Selene piercings, designed with the best material for earrings. best material for earrings. This kind of piercing has a super comfortable closure and is an ideal type of earring to place in the cartilage area because you will not have to make any effort to put them on and take them off. In addition, they are 22 carat gold plated, so if you have just made the hole and prefer not to remove the piercing very often ... with these piercings you will have no problem for the shower or the pool. 

4. Piercing without hole or Earcuff

If you are wondering what ear piercings without a hole are called, its name is Earcuff. Earcuff is a type of ear piercing that you can use without wearing another hole. If you are one of those people who have not yet dared to get a second hole or you would simply like to know how it would look like before deciding, this is the perfect kind of piercing for you!

Also called "fake piercings", with these earrings you will discover the piercing world without having to wear holes permanently. At Lavani we have XXL Earcuffs and minimalist Earcuffs, choose according to your style!

The Eclair is an elegant and simple piece with a spiral shape and covered with zirconia and moonstone. With this piercing you will shine and get the elegant touch needed for a special occasion. Discover more Earcuffs on our website! 

5. Climbing earrings

For a more eye-catching look we have the climbing earrings that cover your entire ear and with which you will only need a hole in the lobe.

If you want a striking and spectacular look in Lavani's website we have the perfect option,Star climbers! With this type of ear piercing you will only need to have the hole of the first earring. It is placed in the lobe part like a normal earring and its structure goes up your ear holding on the upper part like an earcuff.

This climbing earring is a piece that is plated in 18 carat gold and has a star design that represents the Star of one of the Tarot cards, in addition, the gold earrings are antiallergic! With this earring you will not need more accessories for your ear, you will get a striking and complete look with just one piece.

The second kind of climbing piercing we want to introduce you to has an advantage, it is interchangeable!

This climbing piercing is an interchangeable ear cuff to be used as a complement to any other earring. The Nirelle earrings stand out because they have a very original golden chain with zircons. The upper part is a normal Earcuff that you place without the need of an earring hole, from this earring hangs the chain that ends in a hollow link through which you can insert the stick of your earring in your ear.  

6. Multi-position piercings

Although there are different kinds of piercings the vast majority are multi-position, that is, you can change them and adapt them to the hole in your ear you want. The key is to wear several types of ear piercings taking into account the occasion, but especially your style.

The most common thing you see on a daily basis is to wear 3 ascending earlobe earrings using different types of piercings that add a distinctive and personal touch. 

An example of perfect piercings to place in any area of your ear is the Mindy. This piercing is reminiscent of a flower and is an ideal choice to combine with other colored earrings.


Go for the piercings and create the most spectacular looks with the LAVANI collection. Discover all the piercing on our website and remember that you can ask us if you have doubts about what are the best options for your ear piercings. Choose the best quality for your ear and use anti-allergic earrings from LAVANI Jewels.


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