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Discover the types of earrings and their names

Are you sure you know all the types of earrings that exist? We don't doubt that you are an expert in earrings, but you will be surprised by all the types of earrings that exist and their names.

Know the types of earrings that exist and the names of all types of earrings.

Discover the most classic earrings and combine them with the most stylish earrings. An ear with earrings will change and illuminate your face completely, it is also a very comfortable and simple way to show your personality to everyone who sees you. 

We are going to show you the types of earrings available at LAVANI Jewels so you can learn their names.

1. Piercings

Let's start with an already very famous novelty, piercing earrings.

Type of earrings: piercings

Piercings are all those earrings that follow the first hole, i.e. second or third hole, as well as earrings that continue up the ear or even inside it.

Usually, piercings are small colored earrings, golden or with details, but in recent years, you have surely seen larger and different piercings, out of the ordinary. Do you wear any piercing?


2. Earcuff: earring without hole

We continue, with another very interesting type of earrings, earcuff.

Earcuff earrings without holes

The earcuff earring is an earring without a hole, perfect for all those who have decided not to have an earring hole or even a piercing hole.

These earrings have the ability to adapt to the ear and can be worn with pressure without piercing the ear - a brilliant earring idea without a hole!


3. Hoop earrings

ho op earrings are earrings that have accompanied us all since our childhood, as they were the most representative earrings of the 90s and 2000s.

Types of earrings: hoop earrings

Hoops are very flattering earrings that add a fun touch to our face due to their circular shape. In addition, now you can find them in infinite shapes, each one appropriate for a time or place, so you can be sure that your jewelry box is full of hoop earrings!


4. Climbing or climber earrings

climber earrings or climber, are a type of earrings attached to the ear, which are able to make a climbing effect thanks to its great hardness and resistance.

Ear climber earrings

To wear these earrings, it is only necessary to have a hole. Besides, it is a good option in case you want to fix your ear in case you don't have piercings and get a unique effect on it.


5. Long earrings or dangling earrings

or dangling earrings are a very elegant and sophisticated type of earring because they bring balance and movement to our face and hair.

Earrings name: long earrings

We love these earrings and that's why, at LAVANI, we have so many different options:


6. Large earrings

earrings are the perfect complement to add a different touch to an event or party or to a look that you have worn a thousand times.

Large guest earrings

A large earring can turn a casual look into something very elegant and elegant, and if you don't believe us, take a look at these beautiful LAVANI earrings for guests.


7. Stud earrings

Stud earringsearrings are nothing more or less than the classic small earrings that we have worn all our lives. Also, known by the name of stud earrings.

Classic stud earring or Stud earring

An earring attached to the ear of a small size with a traditional clasp very used for the day to day, either to go to class or to go to work, providing a different and bright touch to our face.


Tell me, which are the earrings that you did not know of those we have named? Surely you have fallen in love with some of our collection, they are unique pieces made in Spain and with a great quality thanks to its 22 carat gold plating.

Would you dare with any of them? Let us know at @lavani.jewels where you can keep up to date with all the latest earrings and names.


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