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Difference between engagement and wedding rings

Wedding plans in sight? Or the simple fact of fantasizing about that special day in our lives.

We have all dreamed of the moment when we are asked or ask for marriage, and of those precious rings that we will wear on such an important date and will carry with great affection for the rest of our lives.

But... Have you ever stopped to think about the different rings related to each step of the wedding? From the proposal to the wedding, there are two types of rings that are special and full of meaning.

Would you know the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

In this post we want you to know each of these rings and differentiate them without any problem when the time comes!

Use of both rings

Both rings take part during the precious period when we get engaged until we get married, but they have a different use:

The engagement ring is given as a gift when you ask your partner to marry you, declaring your desire to commit to her and is usually accompanied by the typical movie kneeling.

On the other hand, the wedding ring, also known as a wedding band, is the ring that the bride and groom give each other during their wedding ceremony, making their commitment and union official.


2. Engagement ring

The engagement ring is given, usually by surprise, to the person who is being asked to marry and is the only one of the couple who will wear the ring.

As for the design, it is usually made of white gold with a brilliant or precious stone that crowns the ring, but this ring gives way to an infinity of more or less complex and personalized designs.

engagement ring bride and groom
engagement ring bride and groom

3. Wedding ring or wedding band

The wedding ring, also known as a wedding band, is usually chosen and purchased by the couple together.

When the time comes to choose the ring, the couple usually chooses the same or similar wedding rings, with a simple and minimalist design, usually in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Although there are those who prefer to go out of the traditional line and add rhinestones, stones or new designs.

The design of the wedding ring is usually simpler and more subtle, since most couples, once the wedding day is over, always wear it in their daily life.

wedding ring and wedding band


4. Differences between engagement and wedding rings

In conclusion, the engagement ring and the wedding ring differ respectively by:

  1. The time of receipt: as their names indicate, one is given as a gift at the marriage proposal and another is exchanged during the wedding ceremony.
  2. The design: the engagement ring is more personalized and with rhinestones, and the wedding ring is simpler.
  3. Choice: the engagement ring is chosen by one of the couple, usually with the help of family or friends, and the wedding rings are chosen by the couple together.
engagement ring
wedding ring and wedding band

Now that you know all the differences, we encourage you to find a with matchingfor those special days.




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