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Difference between bracelet and bracelet

Bracelets are one of the most special accessories among jewelry because they contain many memories and can come in many types. For example, have you ever thought of opting for a bracelet?

What are the differences between a bracelet and a bracelet? We show you some examples of bracelet and bangle so you can find out.


Model with mesh bracelet


The bracelets are bracelets very trendy for this summer and we think they are the perfect bet for your party or beach looks. They are the perfect jewel to adorn your arms in summer and bring a change in your aesthetic by changing the traditional bracelets for this stylish accessory.



If you don't know what a bracelet is or do not know what bracelet to buy, LAVANI brings you the solution. We are going to tell you for the first time what are the differences between a bracelet and a bracelet and why both jewels are very special.


1. Bracelet bracelet differences

The difference between a bangle and a bracelet are easy. First, the bangle is a type of bracelet, but it is usually worn from almost the elbow to the upper arm. Thebangle is usually associatedwith a bracelet of large, wide and even rigiddimensions. In addition, bracelets usually use many more natural stones than bracelets, although it always depends on the jewel.


2. What is a bracelet

The bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is placed on the arm, you can place it higher or lower depending on the effect you are looking for.

This jewel is ideal to decorate the arm and give a special touch to your most elegant looks. 

Model with handmade golden bracelet jewelry


3. Types of bracelets

There are thousands of designs and types of bracelets. Choose the shapes you like the most and always be true to your style. We present you several options of bracelets with exclusive designs from LAVANI Jewels.

  • Gold bracelet

platedAlhambra. This piece has a subtle and delicate design inspired by the famous Alhambra in Granada. It has a golden finish ideal for special occasions, a color that will combine perfectly with any of our jewelry.


Special gold plated adjustable mesh bracelet


Clemence. This bracelet is part of the Auria, designs created with artisanal jewelry techniques and plated in 18 karat gold. A wide and shiny jewel that will look great on any size arm, as it is adjustable.

Handcrafted rigid golden bracelet

Two options of gold bracelets perfect to wear at events and create guest looks that will turn heads.


  • Bracelet with natural stones

Stardust bracelet. Made of brass, plated in 2 microns of 24 carat gold, and with a colored stone as a protagonist .... this bracelet is ideal to give color to your look! Discover the different colors available on our website.

. With an original and fun design, this bracelet is perfect for those who like to take risks and wear exclusive jewelry. Create the most groundbreaking looks with this bracelet from the 404 collection.



4. What is a bracelet

The bracelet is a piece of jewelry to decorate the wrists with an ancient history. These jewels were already used in Ancient Egypt, when they were placed on mummies as a symbol of power and beauty.

Thousands of women wear bracelets for both everyday and special occasions and that is why it has become a very important element to complete our looks.

There are thousands of shapes, styles and sizes of bracelets, so the most important thing is to find the ones that make you feel the most special.

Thin bracelets with 22 carat gold plated chain


5. Types of bracelets

Now that we know exactly what a bracelet is and where it is placed, we show you our most special designs!

  • Simple bracelets

Small snake bracelet. A simple bracelet ideal to combine with other jewelry and bracelets. The design of this bracelet is inspired by the scales of a snake. This jewel will fit perfectly to your wrist because the pieces that form it are intertwined with each other with great flexibility.

marine. The links are trendy so this bracelet is perfect if you want to be always in fashion. This bracelet inspired by the anchors of sailors combines golden links of different sizes. An ideal piece to combine with golden bracelets.


  • Bracelets with natural stones

Stones are an essential element to give a personal touch to your bracelets and enhance the natural color of your skin. In LAVANI we have different models of stone for every type of girl:

Rania: the Rania bracelet available in aquamarine and fuchsia is the representation of simplicity, with two stones and a gold-plated gold chain that will elevate your looks and accompany you in your day to day.


Chain bracelet with small colored stone


Ios: Ios bracelet is a natural stone bracelet available in 3 colors so that you can combine many bracelets on your wrist.

Bracelets triple stone colors


: if you are looking for a very special bracelet with natural stones, the Karma bracelet is made for you. Created from a circular shape and with mother-of-pearl stones, it is the perfect different accessory.


Golden circular chain bracelet with natural stones





  • Bracelet on the foot meaning

The beginning of the meaning of a bracelet on the foot is very curious, as it was associated with women who practiced prostitution during the medieval Arab era.

Nowadays, the meaning of a foot bracelet is totally different, first of all, its name has been established as an anklet and it is associated with happiness, freedom and naturalness as most of the time foot bracelets are worn in summer, a time of happiness.

Here are some of them Ankle or bra celets on the foot made with natural multicolored stones, for you to wear this summer:




6. Bracelet bracelet trends and combinations.

6. Bracelet bracelet trends and combinations.

One of the trend that comes stomping very strong this summer 2023 the braceletsand it is that .... how good does a gold bracelet look when you're tanned? 

We make it easy for you, because we are going to show you 3 bracelets that are the safe bet for you to go to the latest fashion:

      1. : one of the latest launches in LAVANI is this handcrafted golden bracelet bracelet for women, we assure you that you will succeed with this accessory.
      2. Alhambra bracelet: a classic already in LAVANI to decorate your arm with bracelets is the Alhambra bracelet, a unique bangle bracelet made with a golden mesh that will give a very bohemian and natural touch to your look.
      3. Stardust colored bracelets: if on the other hand, you want to choose a more daring option, we bring you the Stardust colored bracelets. These are rigid bracelets with gold plating and a large colored natural stone in the center. You can find this colorful bracelet in aquamarine, pink, green, black, white, gray and red.


Go for this trend and be the first of your friends to wear a bracelet that will make you shine in summer or if you are more classic, bet on LAVANI's gold bracelets. Surely any choice will look amazing on you! Show us your bet on Instagram by tagging us onInstagram @lavani.jewels.


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