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Christening guest looks

Before choosing any look for an event, you must take into account its characteristics. For a christening, it is better to go for the elegant and reserved since the celebration will be in a church, where there are formalities. We know that most christenings are during the day, although there are others in the evening. Do you want to know what is the "dress code" that marks the time and the perfect guest look for a christening? We tell you below:


Perfect look for christening guest

The ideal christening guest look can vary depending on the time of the day, adapt it to your christening!



1. Looks for daytime christenings

The first thing to keep in mind for a daytime christening guest look is that it is more appropriate to choose cheerful and light colors. In case you can't resist wearing navy blue, brown or black, you can use them in shoes, jacket and bag. On the other hand, you don't have to discard the color white as it is a great choice.

What should be avoided are glitter, sequins and velvet. Also long or too short dresses, as well as plunging necklines and open backs.

The most appropriate heels are medium heels of 7-8 cm or mules. Regarding hairstyle and make-up, less is more. A light foundation and shadow and some waves are more than enough.

Along with the baby, the ones who have to think about it the most are the mother and the godmother, who are also protagonists of the event.




2. Evening christening looks

Unlike christenings in the morning, evening christening guest looks can include black and prints. If you want to wear an elegant dress with lace or original, this is the time to wear it! But be careful with the rest of the accessories we have mentioned. Pamelas and small headdresses are acceptable, but do not remove them during the mass or the celebration.

For evening christenings it is more acceptable to wear long garments. A perfect example would be a nice long jumpsuit in bright colors since the celebration will not be too long and it is better to avoid overloading the look.


Another option to consider is the look of palazzo pants and an evening blouse. A christening is less formal than a wedding, so pants are allowed. Add some elegant accessories such as earrings, handbag and heeled shoe to get a look of 10.

For the most original in this type of events, you can combine a special kimono that you have in your closet with a jumpsuit underneath in light tones. For the spring season and the arrival of summer, thin kimonos are ideal when it is hot but cooler in the afternoon.


Finally, the last proposal is to wear a jacket suit with matching pants and blazer. This elegant and comfortable outfit will be perfect for the mother, the godmother or a guest.


3. Perfect guest look for a christening party

We have already discovered the characteristics of the day and evening looks, but how to choose the perfect guest look for a christening?

Here are our three best proposals for your next christening!

This spring dress is ideal for evening guests. The length is allowed for evening christenings and for the closest guests, but you have to make sure it is not too evening and take care of the design. A nice braid in the hair gives it that chic touch.

The following look is an elegant sky blue midi dress. Beige shoes of medium height, a discreet bag and a low ponytail will complete your look as a guest at a daytime christening.


To finish, this white top and wide pants set also serves as a perfect guest look for a christening either during the day or in the evening. A small gold pendant, a bold colored clutch and medium heels complete this ideal look.



Now that you know the characteristics of the christening guest looks, what do you dare to wear?


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