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Choker: what is it and why are they trendy?

Have you ever heard the word choker and not quite known what it is? Many of us think of that kind of choker that we wore in our childhood/teenage years and that we would never wear now. 

Find out what is a Choker, its meaning, types of choker and much more about Chokers in trend.

Don't worry: the Choker style has been reinvented over the years and now you can find all kinds of models, you're sure to find one that suits your style!

Let's get started! Discover what a choker is, the types of choker that exist, and how to combine them.

Necklace adjusted to the neck type golden choker.

1. Choker meaning

Chokers are chokers adjusted to the neck that are used to stylize and give a special touch to everyday looks or guest looks. This type of accessory is ideal to give shine to your face and get a sophisticated style.

This jewel is trendy 2023, so you can see it on catwalks and red carpets. There are a thousand styles, shapes and designs, choose the one you like and wear the trendy chokers this summer with LAVANI Jewels.

big choker LAVANI Jewels

2. Types of chokers

There are different types of chokers, always be faithful to your style and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Below, we present different types of LAVANI women's choker:

Bright choker 

The shiny choker is perfect for use in evening parties, with them you will shine and be the center of attention.

Become a star with the "Burn Your Money". This piece is part of the Lavani Jewels x 404 capsule collection. A 24k gold plated choker formed by the union of golden circles from which hang the letters of the phrase "Burn Your Money". Each of the letters is filled with inlaid white and sparkling zirconia. Get the perfect sparkle with this trendy choker.

Big choker 

The big choker is ideal to give a special touch and elevate a simple look. We present you the with circle of Karma, a perfect choker to wear in your day to day.

This necklace adapts to your neck being totally adjusted without being uncomfortable, you can place it at the height that is most comfortable for you thanks to its hook closure.

This is a very special piece that symbolizes the cosmos and the universe. It combines moonstone and labradorite stones in white and gray tones creating an elegant and sophisticated jewel with an incredible astral meaning.

In addition, you can combine it with the Karma ring and earrings from the same collection and create a complete look perfect for the most important occasions.

Gold choker 

Introducing , this choker is the crown jewel of our collection of choker necklaces. It is an ethnic and handcrafted choker that is part of the Auria collection, this collection is composed of jewelry made with artisanal techniques and golden textures.

This necklace is 18k gold plated and has an original design with an adjustable clasp. The Judy gold choker will become the star of all your looks.

Combine it with the Judy from the same collection and show off the best results for updo hairstyles.

Choker with white stones and pearl ch oker

In addition, we have a great variety of chokers made with different stones, discover them!


LAVANI Jewels sparkling choker


3. Choker neckline

When choosing a choker according to your neckline, you have to take into account the type of neckline you are going to choose and thus choose the necklace that best suits the result you are looking for.

V-neck choker neckline 

With a V-neckline we recommend combining different overlapping necklaces. Opt for the , a necklace made up of three pieces with which you will get the effect of choker and necklace at different heights.

It consists of three different golden chains linked together. This choker has a blue star in the center, an ideal necklace for events but also that you can wear again in your day to day.

In addition, this multi-chain style necklace has matching earrings, discover them!

Open choker neckline 

For an open neckline we recommend choker with chains, they will decorate your neckline getting a more complete look.

Introducing the Jasmine. A choker that fits the shape of your neck without being heavy, with chains and multicolored stones that go down the entire necklace. A gold plated piece that will stylize your features with natural stones zirconia, moonstone and labradorite.

choker with colored beads LAVANI Jewels

4. Choker trend 

In this last section we present you different types of fine fashion jewelry chokers made with trendy materials.

Choker pearls 

The first chokers that we present are the chokers with pearls. Pearls is a material that never goes out of fashion, a classic style perfect for the summer and for all kinds of occasions. In our web(link) you will find several options:

The first option is High Priestess Choker. A choker with baroque pearls with a design inspired by knowledge, patience and loyalty. The white of the pearls and gold of the 18k gold plating creates the perfect necklace for guest looks.

The second option is the Circulation Choker. It is a necklace that represents the lunar phases through pearls with different shapes. A piece that is part of the Tarot collection, a mystical style that will make you connect with your deepest energy. Wear this choker necklace as an amulet and symbol of intuition and good fortune.

Choker multicolored stones

The second type of chokers that we present are the chokers with a combination of colored stones.

Empress choker is the perfect example of a multicolored necklace. A wide golden choker with three chains from which dangle drops of aquamarine quartz, Kunzite Quartz and Amethyst stones. The ideal piece to spruce up any look.

Another multicolor choker is the Niagara Choker. A golden choker with oriental inspiration with square stones in pastel tones. A simple and elegant choker perfect to wear with dresses and guest dresses day or night.

Choker beads of natural stones 

Finally, we present you the chokers made with beads. Beaded necklaces are the perfect accessory for the summer, get a fresh and summery style with this choker made with natural stones.

It is also available in two different colors!


ALL THE TRENDY CHOKERS FROM LAVANI Go for the trendiest choker chokers and wear your LAVANI choker this summer!


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