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Boho chic hairstyles for wedding

The boho-chic style has been a trend for some time now and more and more couples are opting for a wedding in this style. It is a style that mixes bohemian elements with a modern touch creating a more relaxed and relaxed wedding. Have you heard of these weddings?

Do you know what a boho-chic wedding looks like and which hairstyles to choose? Dare to find out!

girls boho chic flowers hairstyle

As we already know, choosing the hairstyle we will wear that day is not an easy task and if you are not very familiar with this type of weddings with a more bohemian air, it can be even more difficult.

Today in LAVANI we give you some ideas of hairstyles for a boho-chic wedding, whether it is your big day or if you are a guest. Also, no matter how you have your hair, wavy, straight, short, long... these types of hairstyles allow infinite possibilities!

Do you want to discover which hairstyles are the most ideal for this type of event?

1. Semi-updo

Boho chic weddings create a more relaxed atmosphere and are usually in natural settings such as a beach or garden, so the more natural your hairstyle the better. With a half up-do with a braid or barrette, but leaving the hair loose you will get that effect.

half updo wedding girl hairstyle

You can also opt for soft waves and this, together with hair accessories, will be a very elegant option.

For a half updo like that, long colored earrings like the Portobello or The Sun will bring light and complement your look.

2. Casual ponytail

In this type of wedding a little different, a casual touch is what we are looking for. So if you are one of those who prefer to wear your hair up for comfort, a tousled ponytail will be the perfect hairstyle. You will be able to give it volume and with the ponytailJudy you will be able to give it a different touch.

boho chic tousled ponytail

With a ponytail you can give more prominence to jewelry, so with a pair of like the Giselle pearl earrings or longer ones like the Mystere you will complete your look to perfection.

What do you say, do you go for a ponytail or are you more of a loose hair type?

3. Braided updo

With a braided updo or a combination of several braids you will get a romantic hairstyle, in this type of weddings braids will be your ally. With a tousled central braid you will not lose that natural elegance and you will be very comfortable. You can also opt for an updo with several braids that will give you a different touch.

updo boho braid hairstyle

In this case, simpler earrings will keep the braid in the spotlight, the The Star or the Sadie Pearl are perfect!

You can also add a touch of color with flowers for an even more natural look.

4. Flowers

Flowers in the hair are a very characteristic element of this type of wedding, giving it a romantic and bohemian touch. This adornment will catch everyone's attention on the big day.

You can opt for natural flowers to enhance the bohemian effect we are looking for or for some incorporated into accessories such as headbands for convenience. You can wear this element as a clip, as a crown, loose flowers or as we have seen in a braid. There are many ways to wear them and no doubt you will succeed with any of them, but which one would you choose?

girl with flower crown boho chic style

To achieve that balance with the hairstyle, simple accessories that give you a different touch will allow that harmony in the look, so the earrings are what you are looking for!

In essence, what brides and guests are looking for with this type of wedding is a look that enhances their natural beauty while keeping it simple, so tell us which one do you choose?

If your style is not boho chic, don't worry, enter The Lavazine and discover many more hairstyles for other types of weddings!


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