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8 tips for buying quality jewelry

While it is true that many brands are committed to quality and natural stones, imitations and copies continue to increase day after day. Jewelry and pieces of poor quality and with fake stones that try to make their place in the world of jewelry without being too noticeable.

Discover the 8 tips to buy quality jewelry!

8 tips for buying quality jewelry

Because the truth is that, taking into account these 8 simple tips, getting quality jewelry with real stones is not so complicated. So stay tuned, we'll tell you all about it!

1. Price

The first thing to keep in mind when buying quality jewelry is that quality is paid for. This implies that the possibility of buying pieces of jewelry at very low prices only proves one thing and that is that the quality of materials, processes, advertising and many other costs, is very low.

Therefore, taking this into account, it is important to know that the first tip to buy quality jewelry is basically to value what you buy and understand that, most of the time, quality is expensive. And that the price of the jewelry you buy will depend on things like the materials used, if they use stones or enamels, if they have more or less natural stones, etc.

2. Materials

As we already mentioned in the post on the use of hypoallergenic materials, one of the most important things when evaluating a piece of jewelry is nothing more than the material with which it is made.

When materials such as gold, silver or brass are used for its manufacture, they ensure a good compatibility with any type of skin avoiding rashes, redness or adverse effects. However, when we buy a cheap and not quality jewelry what we are buying is not this type of materials, but, surely, they are selling us products manufactured with materials such as Cadmium, Nickel or Tin .

Therefore, if what you want is a tip to buy quality jewelry, try that, whenever you buy a jewel, the same is not made with any of the latter three materials, but is made of gold, silver with copper or brass alloys because there is no point in lowering the price of what you buy if such gain is made to the detriment of health.

Materials natural stones quality of the jewelry

Made with Zirconia, Peridot, Chalcedony, Agate or Opal, among our jewelry you will find a multitude of options to choose from to wear the best natural stones!

3. Jewelry life

Another great tip when buying quality jewelry is the fundamental rule of assessing its durability. Well, the truth is that, when buying our jewelry, we must assess whether we are buying gold-plated or gold-plated jewelry.

Although both options are indicators of good quality jewelry, the truth is that gold plating will always last longer than gold plating, since the plating tends to fade over time and, if it has not been plated several times, it will lose all its tone shortly after purchase.

4. Unique and exclusive pieces

This depends a little more on the type of consumer you are. However, we understand that if you have come here to look for the best tips on how to buy quality jewelry, you probably value the exclusivity of the pieces you buy.

So we must tell you something: exclusivity is also paid. In fact, it is not simply paid, but in those cases where you buy cheap jewelry, it is highly likely that they have managed to lower their costs so much based on the organization of its mass production that leads to thousands of pieces of the same type, completely nullifying the exclusivity so sought after.

Therefore, the more exclusive the jewelry is, the better and more individualized the production process will be, which will inevitably lead to a better quality. For this, alternatives such as some of our most transgressive and original collections like the 404 Studio collection will undoubtedly be the most exclusive bet with which you will attract all eyes!

5. Difference from the usual

Continuing along the line of exclusivity, originality will also give your jewelry that added quality you are looking for because, as we said before, the more personalized the design, the more effort and effort will be used in the manufacture of the jewelry and, inevitably, the better the results.

6. Confidence in the brand

What does this imply? Trust in the brand is the basis of any purchase. Despite the fact that, nowadays, most purchases tend to be totally depersonalized purchases in which the company-customer emotional bond is broken, it is just that bond and that trust that we should value when buying our jewelry .

That is to say, when choosing the brand of earrings you buy, try to value those brands you trust that openly and transparently advocate that they comply with and care for the use of materials that are not harmful to the skin, natural stones and processes more adapted to the customer and less aimed at constantly producing a multitude of pieces. In this way, you will be betting on quality brands and you will get good results from each of your purchases!

7. Commitment to local production

Another great tip when buying quality jewelry, is none other than betting on local production. Normally, businesses and entrepreneurs who decide to go for local production are those who are reluctant to outsource their production processes as it often involves, on many occasions, the use of poorer quality materials and the hiring and employment of people in more precarious situations.

handcrafted production to bet on quality jewels

Therefore, if you are looking for quality jewelry, do not hesitate to look for them in those who produce in Spain, betting on their craftsmen, their materials and their production processes.

8. Seek external information

Finally, if the tips we have given you so far have not been enough for you to find the best quality jewelry, we give you the best advice. Ultimately, the best thing to do is to listen to the experts .

Go to jewelry stores where they can inform you about the quality of their pieces, learn independently, search on the internet, watch videos... Discover everything that surrounds the world of jewelry and learn to value and really understand the quality of what you buy!

Log on to https://lavanijewels.com and discover our best materials, stones and processes!


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