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5 Pearl earrings for brides

Our proposal of pearl earrings for brides.

Are pearls making a comeback? The answer is yes! Discover 5 pearl earrings for brides in our post today.


1. Pearl earrings for brides Flaming

2. Maldives pearl bridal earrings

3. The Justice long bridal pearl earrings

4. Bridal earrings with Lika pearl

5. Pearl earrings for bride Giselle

But to understand why this element so used in jewelry has become especially fashionable in recent years and to be able to analyze the different types of pearl earrings that exist, we must first do a little retrospective and talk about what pearls are and their history.

Natural pearls are formed when certain types of organisms perforate the shells of mollusks such as oysters. These organisms with the intention of protecting themselves from the external begin to cover the nacre or mother-of-pearl debris, and repeat this process until that debris becomes a shiny pearl very valuable in the market.

Pearls have always been accompanied by the term elegance and that is because they are very difficult to find naturally, and because characters of great historical importance as Marie Antoinette or Lady Di chose them at the time as the perfect complement.

In short, pearls bring freshness and elegance to any look, which is why this year many brides choose them as the perfect complement for their wedding day. You can find pearl earrings for brides with different shapes, but the key is to find the design that best suits your style.

It is essential that on your wedding day you feel comfortable and confident with what you wear, so in this blog we present 5 different proposals of pearl earrings for brides .

lavani jewels hoop earrings

1. Pearl earrings for brides Flaming

They say that on your wedding day it is essential to be comfortable and feel yourself at all times, it is better not to overload too much the look ... the day of your wedding, less is more! So if you usually wear hoop earrings in your day to day .... your wedding day can't be less!

We propose you the Flaming affordablepearltitleearringstitlefor brides. These earrings are a sophisticated model formed only by pearls. With them you will feel like yourself, since it is the perfect combination between the classic design of the hoop and the special touch that a bride needs.

2. White Maldives pearl bridal earrings

Beach weddings and weddings with a more informal dresscode are becoming more and more popular. If you are one of those brides who are going to take advantage of the good weather and decide to celebrate your wedding on the beach from LAVANI we present you the perfect earrings.

 pearl earrings for brides

Maldives earrings are white pearl bridal earrings made up of stones carved in the shape of coins. These earrings are made of mother-of-pearl, a natural stone reminiscent of seashells and very similar to pearls.

The texture and shape of these pearl earrings immediately teleports us to the sea, so we are sure that this sophisticated design will fit perfectly with the style and beauty of a beach wedding.

3. Long pearl earrings for brides The Justice

For brides with a passion for mysticism, we present the earringsor The Justice earrings.

 pearl earrings for brides justice

The day of your wedding is a very special day full of energy, magic and symbolism, so it is not bad to accompany the look with some jewelry in the form of an amulet.

These long bridal earrings are made up of pearls, moons and stars, which represent balance, honesty and integrity. They are a different and somewhat risky model since they are long earrings, but thanks to the pearls included we get that classic touch that a bride needs.

If you want to surprise your guests and wear a look that they will never forget, go for original and daring bridal earrings like these.

4. Bridal earrings with Lika pearl

The fourth pearl earrings for bride we present you are the Lika earrings, an earring design perfect for the most boho brides.


The earrings with floral decoration are trendy so they will be a hit for any occasion, even on your wedding day.

These earrings are mainly made of pearls and have a very bright golden tone. A hoop earring that is very comfortable and not excessive. They are gold plated and have notched leaves that resemble those of a tree, a very appropriate detail if your style is something bohemian.

In short, a design that can be classic but at the same time has a modern tone as it is in the shape of a ring.

5. Pearl earrings for bride Giselle

Our latest proposal are the Giselle, which are part of our latest collection Auria.

It is a design created entirely by hand, therefore, it is a very fine and high quality jewelry. This jewel has a pearl as a protagonist, which makes it the ideal choice for any event, including your wedding.

These golden earrings are gold plated and have a somewhat asymmetrical hoop shape. A earrings with pearl that represents a perfect symbiosis between original and classic, perfect for you to shine like never before.


As you may have already seen in LAVANI's website you will find different models of pearl earrings and gold earrings: long pearl earrings, white pearl earrings, natural pearl earrings? choose the earrings that best suit your style and personality!

We hope our proposals have been useful, and remember that if you are getting married this year in LAVANI you can find many other designs for the most special day of your life, ask us for advice if you need it!


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