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5 original ideas for civil weddings

More and more people are deciding to take a different path towards the altar of a church. And we are not referring to those who, being in love, freely decide not to get married, but to those who, wanting to do so, opt for a more informal civil wedding. Would you like your special day to go beyond the limits of originality?

Enter our blog and discover how to turn your wedding into the most original civil wedding! 

Original ideas for civil weddings

Today, in LAVANI, we want to give a little push to those who fantasize about that original civil wedding. To those who, thanks to their wedding, have in their hands the possibility of living, at the same time that their closest relatives live it, a civil ceremony that, far from normality, will always be remembered with affection and amazement.

Read on and get inspired to make your wedding the most original of all!

Have an original civil ceremony.

Although the ceremony when you get married in church seems to be something that nothing can compare to, we know that, if it is well organized, a civil ceremony has nothing to envy .

First of all, since civil weddings are not celebrated in a church, take advantage of the freedom that this gives you and celebrate it wherever you feel like! A beach, a garden, a special house, whatever!

Our recommendation, from LAVANI, is that your wedding will be something you will always remember and, although choosing a beautiful place like a paradisiacal beach can be one of the most spectacular places, celebrating it in a place that is special to you and symbolizes something that only you can truly understand, can be one of the best moments you will live together as a couple.

2. Decorate your civil wedding casually, but with style.

Since it is a civil wedding followed by very little protocol, take advantage of it and be yourselves! Dress the way you want, no matter what color you usually wear or the way you dress, go in sandals if that's what you want! Or barefoot!

Making an original civil wedding is, above all, about making the wedding more "yours" than usual, making even the decoration of the place speak for itself of who you are and what you want to symbolize.

Therefore, details as basic as the arrangement of the chairs at the ceremony, the place where you will dedicate a few words to each other, the flowers you use, if you use balloons .... A whole world of possibilities that opens up to you to surprise your guests at the same time that you get the most original civil wedding of all.

Therefore, always keeping in mind what most represents you, some of the ideas that can inspire you for the decoration could be a rustic decoration with checkered tablecloths, vintage, exotic with beach details, elegant, simple, but with an original reception with huge letters or neon, a range of possibilities to be the most original!

3. Make lighting your best ally.

Day or night, make lighting your best ally. When planning a wedding, the truth is that, on many occasions, there are things on the famous list of "to do things" that go long before lighting. However, all that it can bring us is immeasurable both when it comes to setting the mood and decorating.

For this, in case your civil wedding is in the afternoon, an original option could be to place tents in the place where the dinner is going to take place and illuminate it with the alternative of all the options with which we feel most identified. We cannot resist saying that garlands are, without a doubt, our favorite option. With them, covering the entire perimeter of the tent, you can add a lot of light to your dinner as well as aesthetics.

Original ideas for civil weddings table of diners lighting

For those who are more attracted to options with a more elegant style, a possibility to give that more classic but sophisticated air to the tent could be to place chandeliers in the tent.

Options for more informal civil weddings, but just as original could be paper lamps in the form of "lanterns" hanging from the ceiling of the tent, generating a warm and cozy atmosphere, or projectors with more daring shapes or, finally, torches that give that exotic and original touch to the civil wedding.

4. Invest time and effort in personalized details.

This is, among many others, the idea we like the most among the 5 we are going to discuss. And, although it could be applied to all types of weddings, using it in a civil wedding will make it the most original.

Being such a special day in which all your loved ones and those of your partner will be with you, what less than to dedicate something directly to them that makes them feel loved and makes them remember that day through some nice detail .

Original options for this would be, for example, on the name cards of the guests, to write a phrase addressed personally to them by the groom or the bride (depending on the party they come from). In the case of your family, you can thank them for always being there or, in the case of a friend, use the occasion to remind them of the time you have lived and the time you have left to live.

Although this is one of the most expensive options of all, more than in money, in time and effort, the emotion that you will make feel to all those who have decided to share your day with you will be worth all the time and effort.

5. Include original ideas in the menu.

Also, if you want to give that last special detail to your civil wedding, try introducing originality in the food and menu .

Instead of offering a traditional menu as it is usually done, you can try other alternatives such as, for example, following the line of informality, you can offer tapas, elaborated but shared, which provide a more casual air to your wedding.

Or you can offer the food buffet style and let everyone take what they want, or even set up food trucks that give that "festival" air to your wedding, which will undoubtedly be the most original.

original ideas for civil weddings

6. LAVANI earrings for your original civil wedding.

Last but not least, always excited to share our pieces on such special occasions, some of the most original options with which you could complete your civil wedding and make it idea would be the Meduse earrings earrings or the Grinko for those more beach weddings, the Adoration for the elegant ones, the Miami Round for the vintage ones or the Blume for the more rustic ones.

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