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The 4 best guest looks with a suit jacket.

Being infinite the number of possibilities and possible combinations that can be made with a nice suit jacket, the truth is that, depending on what your special occasion, whether a wedding, a communion or a dinner, some alternatives will be much more stylish and appropriate than others.

Find out the 4 best guest looks with a suit jacket!


The choice of our beautiful suit jacket should be preceded by things like: is it a day or night event? very sophisticated or something more casual? in summer or winter? in the city, on the beach or in the countryside? Once you have asked and answered these questions depending on the event you are going to, read on and find the answer to what is your best suit jacket!

1. Guests with suit jackets in the most ideal plain colors

If you are one of those people for whom elegance and casualness go hand in hand, this is undoubtedly your section.

Although sometimes, and for some people, weddings and events are occasions to transgress their horizons of styles and appearances, the truth is that there are many others that their best guest outfit is a simple suit and plain colors to ensure comfort and elegance.

If this is your case, we recommend a plain colored suit jacket to be your best ally in that special wedding. A look with which to ensure elegance, while comfort and poise. This type of suit is versatile and can be adapted to different styles and occasions, so it does not become a suit for a single occasion.

plain suit jacket wedding guest

Likewise, plain colors are a timeless option and are guaranteed to always be in fashion, so they will always be a hit!

If the wedding is in the afternoon or evening, colors like black, gray or navy blue can be ideal options that will make you the most ideal guest in a suit jacket of the whole wedding. On the other hand, if it is a daytime wedding on the beach or in the countryside, options such as a white suit jacket will be, without a doubt, the best option of all as they will give you that fresh and summery touch ideal for any guest!

Suit jacket plain white wedding guest

In this case, options such as the La Plage earrings or our best-sellers, the Amal earringscan be perfect alternatives that maintain the casual look, while completing it to make you the perfect wedding guest!

2. Printed suits for the most daring guests

If, on the other hand, you are the type of woman for whom taking a risk with your wedding outfits has become your best hobby, read on to find out all the possible printed suit jackets you can wear to become the most ideal wedding guest!

One of the best looks for a daring guest, if that big event is a spring or summer wedding, is the two-piece suit jacket with floral print. Thanks to the print, it is achieved, as well as style and elegance, allowing that, as a guest, our look has that fresh and casual touch typical of the spring season.

Floral print suit jacket

If, on the other hand, the wedding is in the afternoon or evening, we have your perfect wedding guest option! In this case, alternatives such as asuit jacket with a geometric print in the form of squares or stripes will make you the most daring and stylish, as well as elegant and sophisticated guest in a suit jacket.

Geometric printed suit jacket for wedding guest

Likewise, for those that none of these options convince you, another perfect option could be to opt for a suit jacket with a printed palazzo pants, turning your outfit into a super chic and comfortable option for any type of wedding. If it is a daytime wedding, it is better to choose lighter colors for the palazzo and if it is a nighttime wedding, darker colors.

Finally, for those who go straight to the last level, an animal print suit jacket is the perfect option to go to the most daring and stylish wedding!

Pieces such as Persia earringsexotic and elegant earrings, as well as the Rhapsody earrings, full of elegance and style, will give your look that detail that will make it the perfect wedding gown outfit for wedding guests!

3. The best combination for guests with blouse and suit jacket.

Another elegant option for a wedding guest is to combine a suit jacket with a blouse. Although the suit jacket we choose can be of any color, it is recommended to choose neutral colors such as black, navy blue or gray, being the blouse the one that has that brightness that accompanies the perfect wedding guest with a suit jacket.

When it comes to choosing a blouse, there are multiple variables to take into account. Thus, you can choose a silk or chiffon blouse, which can be excellent options for a wedding, as it gives an elegant touch to the outfit. As well as choosing a blouse with details such as lace or embroidery to add that touch of sophistication. Similarly, other options are to opt for alternatives such as more striking blouses or blouses with prints and colors that stand out.

Blouse and suit jacket wedding guest

Last but not least, it will be the accessories that will make the difference in your outfit. For this reason, we recommend you options such as the Madison earringsas well as the Purple and aqua Capri earrings that, without a doubt, will be safe bets!

4. The most stylish and special guest suit jackets

Last but not least, we wanted to dedicate this small section to those detail-oriented women. To those who, beyond a print, think that the value and elegance ofour style is not seen in the big things, but in the little things. If this is your case, read on and discover all the variants of wedding guest dresses that will make you the perfect guest.

Alternatives such as the suit jacket with asymmetrical lapels can be an option that combines elegance and modernity in our guest looks. These suits usually have a classic cut with an asymmetrical lapel on the jacket that gives it that touch of originality that we sometimes look for. In addition, there is not just one style of asymmetrical suit jacket, but there is a wide variety of sizes and shapes, which makes these suits much more special!

Wedding guest suit jacket

If you are looking for elegance, comfort and a certain special touch, perhaps your best choice of wedding guest suit jacket is a fluid suit jacket. This type of outfit is elegant and sophisticated yet comfortable and can be combined with a multitude of garments and accessories, allowing you to create a huge variety of unique and personalized looks.

And finally, for those of you who have not seen yourself reflected in any of the previous sections, do not give up, this option is for you! The solution to your suit jacket look can also consist of a very basic suit jacket and very neutral colors but combined with elegant hats and headdresses, beautiful shoes and, undoubtedly, the best jewelry as the most important cherry on top to be that perfect guest with your beautiful suit jacket.

Suit jacket wedding guest headdress

In this case, the earrings should be at the height, so we would recommend items such as our Adoration earringsearrings, attractive for any look or our Paramount full of brightness and color to complete your style in the best way!

Check out our collection of guest earrings at https://lavanijewels.com and discover the best accessories for your wedding guest outfit look!


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