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10 silver party earrings you need

Many times we do not know what silver jewelry to choose as a complement for our outfits, and when the time comes that you need to choose it, the world falls on you. That's why the LAVANI girls want to help you and we bring you the solution to this problem.

Discover the perfect silver party earrings for you: large silver party earrings, silver wedding earrings, and many more.

When you need large silver party earrings, silver earrings for weddings or long silver party earrings, this is your post.




We are going to show you 10 possible silver earrings that may interest you.



1. Veli Long Silver Party Earrings

Whether you have a wedding or want to go out for dinner with your friends, we have the perfect earrings for any situation the Veli earrings.

These earrings are silver-plated, with a leaf-shaped design, from top to bottom, perfect to wear on any occasion, as they will always give a simple and different touch to your looks. Everyone will love them!

Long silver earrings with leaves with 3D engraving


2. Large Silver Casablanca Silver Party Earrings

Casablanca Earrings are earrings that include Quartz Crystal, Labradorite, Chalcedony and Moonstone stones in white gray, crystal and pink colors.

It consists of a clasp with a traditional nut. The design of the jewel is peculiar, since it is formed by a small stone at the top as if it were a tiny earring, from which falls a front ring with different stones hanging from it. It is made of 925 silver.

They are perfect for your event of the year and, match your dress with the colors of the pebbles!

Large silver plated party earrings with stones by LAVANI

3. Thunder silver plated lightning bolt earrings

If you want earrings for your daily life, even to be able to change them in your different ear holes, if you have them, and you can't find them, I think we at Lavani can help you.

We bring you the Thunder, these earrings have a minimalist design in the shape of a lightning bolt, which hangs from a whitish Moonstone.

LAVANI silver earrings lightning bolt party earrings

4. Kasia Silver Party Earrings

Kasia belong to the Cosmic Dust collection. They are simple hoop earrings, composed of three small stones in the central part of the hoop and carved.

We find the earrings in different colors such as aquamarine with Chalcedony stone and white stone, Moonstone. Being the stones with light colors, it brings enough brightness to the face so there is no need to worry because you will never look dull if you wear these silver earrings.

They are perfect for everyday use with different outfits, they are sure to look great!



. Moonlight earrings

We are in wedding season and we know that many of you have that event that you are looking forward to, but you are missing the accessories for your wardrobe. Well, you don't need to think about it anymore because the Lavani girls are to the rescue.

We have silver earrings for weddings that are ideal. They are based on a front hoop with a decoration of three stones with a round shape on the edge of the hoop in the central part. You can choose the stone to be Chalcedony with an aquamarine color or Moonstone with a whitish color.

Once it has happened, you may be worried that you will not have another occasion to use these earrings as a complement, but, take away that concern, you can wear them perfectly to go to lunch or dinner with your friends, family, partners .... You can give them a second life!

LAVANI silver plated party earrings with front hoop design


6. Rania Earrings

If you don't want very large earrings, we have some that are wonderful for you.

The Rania silver are small front earrings, in which there are zirconia stones at the ends of the ring. Perfect to wear them with a flashy look, so that they do not give an overloaded effect.

Indira small silver party earrings


7. Indira Party Silver Earrings

The Indira are small earrings, with a traditional nut clasp.

They are based on a stick that falls vertically and at the end of it, there is a frontal ring in which half of the ring is hollow and the other half is filled with a white Moonstone simulating a crescent moon.

They are perfect for use in your daily routine without any worries.


8. Large Silver Party Earrings

We want to show you some earrings with a retro touch.

Crocodile, about 3cm in size. They are silver earrings with a print simulating crocodile skin. For the earring to have the print we wanted, in Lavani we chose to make the drawing with laser and printed in a three-dimensional way.

If you try to wear them you will fall in love. It happened to us.



9. Idol Silver Earrings

You are not going to believe it, but, we are going to show you our 3 in 1 earrings. The IdoPendientes are composed of 3 hoops in one, these are of different sizes and different designs representing a punk style.

One of the earrings is full of black zirconia stones, the middle ring is all silver and the last ring is silver with a small stone.

Magnificent for an everyday outfit with jeans.


10. Earrings Eclectic Silver Small Rectangle Aquamarine

We come to the last recommendation for today, but it is not for less, because we are going to show you some earrings with which you will be able to vary a lot.

The Eclectic Regtangle Aquamarine features silver earrings with a vertical rectangle with the aquamarine Moonstone.

But it does not stop here, the rectangle that I mentioned above is called Drop, this is a complement that fits and complements the Eclectic. These can be interchanged and combined with the one you like the most among the collection and put it in the hoop, this way you can create many unique earrings.



Are you looking for more silver jewelry? Visit our Silver Shades collection!

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