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10 Mother's Day pendants that are sure to hit the spot!

Mothers are worth gold! I think we can all agree on this and that they are our most precious jewels. Thanks to them we are what we are today, and well, also to all those women who, although they are not mothers, take care of us as if they were too and make us better people. That is why, from LAVANI Jewels we are excited and we are especially excited to celebrate Mother's Day, not only to commemorate how important they are in our lives, but also to celebrate all that they mean to us. 

Do not know what to give this Mother's Day 2023 We bring you the 10 Mother's Day pendants with which you will succeed 100%.

This blog post is dedicated to all those of you who want to make them a detail to make them feel great on their special day, but you are a little lost. Pendants for mother's day are a great option to give as a gift because it is a delicate piece that can have a lot of feeling behind it, don't miss the 10 ideas of pendants for mother's day!



 1. Mother's Day long necklace Louise

Mother's day long pendant with brown stones by LAVANI

The Louise necklace combines the classic with the trends, and that's why we think it's a sure hit for your moms, especially for the most retro ones, although we think everyone can love it. It is a golden chain with a very special pin at the front of the necklace that adds a different and modern touch, and it is super easy to fasten! The stones hanging from the front of the necklace give it that different touch: Chalcedony, Ruby, Amber.... They are natural stones that transmit a lot of love! This pendant is perfect for Mother's Day and symbolizes bold, daring and fearless women.

The best part? Besides being available in 3 colors, all of them have matching earrings. Maybe for Mother's Day it's too much to give them both as gifts, it's up to you to decide. But if you decide not to... you already have an excuse for her next gift! On her birthday, anniversary or whenever you want you can complete the set with them.

Discover the three colors of this pendant for Mother's Day:


2. Colorful choker necklace for Mother's Day Pride

Pendant with colored stones for Mother's Day

The Pride is a classic that makes it a perfect pendant for Mother's Day. It is a golden choker with stones of many colors hanging from a chain created by small balls instead of links. A detail that makes it different and special, to surprise your mother on her day. This necklace can be used for very special events as well as for your mother's day to day life because its colorful stones combine with all kinds of looks.

The best part? it's available in gold and silver! This way you can get it 100% right depending on what kind of finish your mothers use.


3. Mother's Day Horoscope Pendant

Golden horoscope pendant for Mother's Day

pendants are designed for all the most modern, daring or mystical mothers. If you were looking for a gift with feeling for your mother, this is also a great option. The horoscope pendants for Mother's Day are characterized by being made up of interchangeable charms. That is, you can choose the chain of one sign, the coin charm of another and the constellation or symbol charm of another. Thus, you can make a pendant for your mother with different signs, for example that of your partner, your siblings...

Or, if you prefer, you can choose the complete pendant of your horoscope - the possibilities are endless!


4. Mother's Day Initial Pendant

Gold pendant with initial for mother's day gifts

The Initial pendant collection is also a sure hit. If you do not decide on any of the ideas, choose this one without hesitation! You can choose the initial of your mother, being a very personalized gift, but also different because it has some stones in nude tones that makes our initial necklaces unique pieces. You can also give her yours, her partner's? Someone important to her. No doubt it is a gift idea for Mother's Day with a lot of feeling and... we are sure that your mother won't take it off!


5. Pearl chocker for Mother's Day

Irregular pearl necklace for mother's day gold plated

We could not not include pearls in this blog. Pearls remind us of our mothers, as they symbolize femininity. It seems to us that, in addition, it is a classic that all mothers like, although we know that many of them already have earrings with this stone in their collection. Therefore, we have decided to propose you as an idea of Mother's Day necklace the High Priestess. A pearl choker for the most daring mothers as it has pearls of different sizes interspersed along the chain.

If you liked the idea, but you are not convinced by the model? stay until the end of the blog! We propose you another idea of necklace for mother's day with pearls.


6. Mother's day pendant in the shape of a star

Mother's day pendant in the shape of a star with moon and pearl by LAVANI

The The Star Necklace necklace is a very exclusive design piece. It is a gold necklace made up of several symbols that are interspersed along the chain: a pair of stars, a moon and, finally, a pearl. If you are looking for that special Mother's Day gift that denotes the elegance that characterizes your mother's style, this is the piece for you. Designed inspired by different elements of the Tarot cards, it is undoubtedly a pendant for Mother's Day with which you will surely succeed.

If your mother is a fan of tarot, don't miss the following option.


7. Tarot pendant perfect for Mother's Day

Gold mother's day pendants of different tarot cards

These pendants are very different and unusual Mother's Day pendants. If your mother has a special style, is up to date with trends, or just likes mysticism, the Universe and even tarot cards.... here's her perfect Mother's Day pendant! Tarot pendants represent a card from the deck. We chose the most important cards to represent on these intricate and unique pendants.

You can choose a model depending on whether you like its visual aesthetics, or you can read the meaning of each card and the energy transmitted by its stones in each model to choose the pendant for your mother with much more thought and feeling. Discover the rest of the Tarot that hides our collection!


8. Perfect choker as a mother's day pendant idea.

Mother's day choker necklace with stones in pastel tones

Chokers are a very popular type of necklace for mothers. The most classic mothers prefer this type of necklace to others that hang more. It is a matter of aesthetics, style and different trends in different times. That's why giving your mother this necklace for Mother's Day is a great option. The gold plating and the aquamarine, pink and white stones in soft and pastel tones, make it a versatile and simple yet sophisticated necklace. 

If you want to complete it and give her the complete set, we have the ring and the earrings that go with the with this Padma necklace for Mother's Day. We show them to you below!


9. Colorful golden chocker for Mother's Day

Mother's day choker necklace with colored stones

We are coming to the end of the post and we could not miss to show you this chocker for your mothers. From our Tarot collection, this golden chocker with colored stones is always a hit with you. A model that can be combined with many different styles that will become the perfect gift for those mothers who have a very busy schedule and full of commitments. It is also perfect for the most flirtatious mothers who are always dressed up!

Whether it's for this occasion or to give her (or for her to give herself ;)) in the future, this The Empress Mother's Day titlegold-plated choker necklacetitle features several matching rings. Discover them!


10. Mother of pearl choker necklace for mothers

Mother's day pendant with small pearls by LAVANIWe had advanced you that we were bringing another idea of mother's day pendant with pearls for the most discreet mothers, here it is! The Lombok necklace model is also a good option for Mother's Day. It is a model with carved pearls in a much smaller size than the one we have shown you previously, making it a much simpler and discreet design of pendant for mothers' day to day with a simpler style.


We hope that all these 10 ideas of pendants to give as Mother's Day gifts have given you a lot of inspiration. For us, we have loved looking in detail for the perfect gift pendants for them. And if you still need more ideas... visit our Mother's Day ideasfor Mother's Day gift ideas!

Take good care of them and give them lots of love, because they are everything to us and we are everything to them. Don't forget to tag us on social networks @lavani.jewels, if you decide to give a special surprise to your mother with us!


Initial necklaces LAVANI Jewels for Mother's Day with packaging



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