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10 Climbing earrings you need to sparkle

We know you are a busy woman and you always have a thousand plans in mind: a lunch, meeting up with old friends, a dinner, a getaway with your partner, going to the beach, mountains... and when all these plans are coming up, sometimes you panic because you don't know what to wear and what accessories to combine it with. We bring you 10 climbing earrings that you need for all these days!

Get inspired by these 10 on-trend climbing earrings

LAVANI to the rescue! This type of earrings earrings that cover the entire ear are a great option. Their shape and design give them great versatility, so you can wear them on a thousand and one occasions.

Climbing earrings and climber earrings by LAVANI Jewels.

Climbing earrings are a type of upward earring that fit perfectly on the lobe and side of your ear thanks to their adjustable clasp. Let's take a look at 10 types of these earrings that go up the ear:




Large dangle earrings with dangling chains LAVANI design


1. Large climbing earrings

The large Nadine climbing earrings have zirconia and labradorite stones in pastel shades of pink, blue and gray, with a special clasp. From these large climbing earrings, hangs a chain that remains in movement and gives a special and different touch to the look. That's why we think it would be perfectly combinable with a basic, a pair of jeans with a white strappy blouse with lace, for example, to go to lunch. If you want to use it for a more special moment, it is perfect for evening looks: the chain and the shine of the stones of these large climbing earrings will make you dazzle and be the center of attention.

Women's white LAVANI designer climbing earrings


2. Alba women's climbing earrings

On the other hand, we continue with a perfect idea for the fans of glitter: the Alba women's climbing. These are women's climbing earrings with white zirconia that fit and adapt perfectly to the ear, as each person regulates it as needed and the ear is completely dressed. It is the good thing about earrings that go up the ear, that without being too exaggerated by not hanging anything, they give you a distinctive touch without losing elegance.

How would we wear these women's climbing earrings? We think they are ideal to combine with a look with an explosion of colors. For example, a red jumpsuit and hair tied up in a bun to expose the ears and show the earrings.

LAVANI's silver climbing earrings with aquamarine stones.

3. Athena silver climbing earrings

It's time for those of you who are looking for a pair of climbing earrings in silver.

We bet on the Athena Silver climber earringstitlewith natural semiprecious stones in aquamarine.title... We opted for the Atenea aquamarine silver climber earrings, as they are asymmetrical and are made with natural and elongated aquamarine stones, creating a small leaf and a larger one, and to give it a little light, a zirconia in the middle. Silver climbing earrings to wear both in the day to day without worry because they combine with almost everything, as in more special events, when you choose a look with silver accessories.

What we like the most about these silver climbing earrings: they are asymmetrical! You won't find others like them.

Climbing earrings with star design LAVANI

4. Star climbing earrings

The jewel in the crown: star climbing earrings that will dazzle anyone who sees them. We love them for evening events, but if you are daring, you can wear these star stud earrings in more casual situations with a white blouse and jeans. If you choose these star climber earrings for an event, don't forget: they can be super versatile! Our advice is to wear them also for your dinners with friends, family or colleagues to dress up your look, especially if it's summer.

But remember, the possibilities are endless and the looks you can create with these star climbing earrings are limitless: get creative!

LAVANI Jewels gold earrings with white cubic zirconias


5. Climbing earrings in gold

Vague climbing earrings are one of the best options to take a risk with a "Total Black" at any time of the year. These all-gold climber ear rings are special and different. They are golden and with natural and semiprecious white zirconia stones, which will bring light to your outfit. Instead of climbing up towards the side of your ear as it usually happens, these gold earrings climb upwards to embrace your earlobe on both sides.

The best thing is how comfortable and light the Vague gold climbing earrings are: you'll forget you're wearing them!

Multicolored climbing earrings with stones by lavani jewels

6. Aine multicolored climbing earrings

On the other hand, we also bet for earringstitlewith colored stonestitle the Aine multicolor climbing earrings, which have different stones such as moonstone or topaz, and these have multiple colors, including mustard color, a great trend. For this very reason, we thought that it would combine perfectly with a look that contains this color so that these Aine multicolored climbing earrings are the ideal complement. In addition, thanks to all the colors they contain and their size, you can reuse them in your day to day.

Did you know that the Aine multicolor climbing earrings have a special closure? It is adjustable and super comfortable, so that it stays fixed in your ear and you don't even notice it.

Jema leaf-shaped climbing earrings with green zirconia stones


7. Jema leaf climbing earrings

Jema climbing earrings are earrings that go up the ear containing green zirconia stones, they have a palm leaf shape and a flexible closure to adapt to each person. Our favorite way to combine them is with olive green tones, although the possibilities of combining these climbing earrings are endless. We love earrings that cover the entire ear because, besides being very comfortable to wear, they cover the holes we may have, or if we have a torn earlobe hole, the climbing earrings are perfect to hide it .

Climbing earrings with bright and pink colored beads



8. Sauvage climbing earrings with beads

The Sauvage colorful beads climbing earrings are perfect for fun looks. These earrings that climb up the ear are composed of labradorite, zirconite and moonstone, and pink, green and white colors to give that casual touch that everyone loves. Formed by two rows, the Sauvage colored stone beads climbing earrings can accompany you in your adventurous summer looks, or give light and joy to your more subdued fall/winter looks. It all depends on your creativity!

Earrings climbing up the ear in pastel shades by LAVANI


9. Earrings that go up the ear

Our earrings that go up the ear Irina are perfect to combine with your most neutral looks as they are composed of Labradorite, Zirconite, Moonstone, Blue Topaz stones in pastel colors such as blue or pink, which gives them elegance and serenity. These earrings that cover the entire ear will be your best allies in the day to day. They will bring life and color to our daily looks without being too flashy, which is just what we are looking for when we want to be discreet. And you, would you wear these earrings that go up the ear?

Earrings climbers in the shape of lotus flower petals


10. Siva pastel climbers earrings

To finish for today, we do not want to end without recommending you these Siva climber, shaped like lotus flower petals and gold, composed of pastel colors and quartz stones and labradorite among others. These climber earrings are a perfect choice for those of you who are starting in the world of climbing earrings and climber earrings as they climb up the ear but not excessively. In addition, its combination of discreet but different pastel colors will bring a lot of light and color to your face.

Don't forget that the climbing earrings with natural stone will be the best ally to complete your looks and make them shine more than ever in any occasion. Dare to wear them, you will surely choose the best option among all the types: large climbing earrings, ball climbing earrings, women's climbing earrings? And if not... ask us your questions!

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We hope we have helped you from LAVANI, we are sure that now you will complement your looks to perfection. Of course if you decide on any of these jewels, we don't want to miss it, so don't forget to tag us on social networks so we don't miss any detail. @lavani.jewels


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