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Perfect guest earrings: Looks Bougainvillea

You have a wedding coming up, but you still don't know what to wear to be different from the rest because you are afraid of taking a risk and not getting it right. In Lavani we have the solution, and we tell it to you with many details so you can adapt it as much as you want. 

Learn how to use the bougainvillea color in all its forms (pink, fuchsia, raspberry, bubblegum, pastel, magenta...), and wear a wonderful bougainvillea dress adding a touch thanks to the accessories, or some amazing bougainvillea accessories with a dress to create a whole new look. 

Combined with cold tones 

Blue is a cold color and therefore combines well with bougainvillea, a warm color. 

If it is a navy blue, it goes best with strong bougainvillea tones and is perfect for a winter wedding. You can wear your bougainvillea earrings, decorate your outfit with a belt or use some peeptoesAny option is a sure hit! 

Our proposal is a long bougainvillea-colored jumpsuit (like the from Apparentia) combined with a clutch navy blue clutch, the earrings René Azul and some stilettos in the same color and... Done! 


Add bougainvillea color in accessories 

If what we want is to show off the bougainvillea color in our accessories, we also bring you one of the most successful options if your wedding is during the day and in summer. 

It is best to combine an aquamarine blue dress with small touches, such as bougainvillea earrings. 

We bring you our choice of the hand of Coosy with this wonderful midi dress that will combine great with a mini bag and Lavani Leaf Buganvilla Earrings. 

And we suggest you to dare with a bougainvillea-colored wreath!


For those who stand out for their elegance 

If wherever you go you have to leave a mark for your elegance, this wedding will be no different. Combine your bougainvillea looks with black accessories that will make the difference. 

Cherubina has a and very elegant that goes perfect with a black headdress, cone heels and the Stardustblack Stardust. If you are one of the most daring, even gloves, go for combining the bougainvillea color with black! 


Differentiate yourself by mixing colors 

It is not always necessary that all our looks have all the accessories in the same color, we can also alternate and use a pair of bougainvillea earrings, a beige dress and a black belt. 

We give you an example so that you can combine them as you like. 

This from Malmo, which is already in two different shades of bougainvillea, can be perfectly combined with a shoulder bag. shoulder bag black, some rope sandals and our Tikal gold or even the Sevilla. A comfortable look to enjoy and dance the wedding! 


Bougainvillea with neutral colors 

If you have a beige dress, nude or a similar tone or even a black and white two-piece that you have already worn on several occasions, but you don't feel like renewing your closet, combining it with bougainvillea-colored accessories will make everyone notice them and no one will realize that... you are repeating dress! 

From Lavani, we clearly opt for a black blouse and white pants like those of Panambi to add our bougainvillea earrings. On this occasion we would opt, without a doubt, for the Mars fuchsia and green and heels with a touch of gold. You will be comfortable, without spending a lot of money and you will have renewed your look! 


Now that you know our secrets and the best tricks for combining the different possible outfits outfits with the bougainvillea color, now that you are ready to customize your look and add some of our little tricks and enjoy that beautiful wedding that is waiting for you, tell us which has been your favorite? 


Send us your photos and show us your final choice! 


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