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Robes for the wedding day

During your wedding day there is something that you can not miss for the process of makeup and hairdressing ... bridal gowns. Bridal gowns and nightgowns are the garment that will accompany you in the most intimate part of your day accompanied by the closest family members.

We show you the perfect bridal gowns and wedding gowns for your wedding day depending on your style.

Bridal gowns are a kind of bridal kimono worn during a bride's pre-wedding preparation process. It has become a tradition to take some photos during these nervous moments before, so we are sure you are wondering what types of bridal gowns there are and which one suits your style or the style of your wedding.

Bridal gowns are a kind of bridal kimonos that are used as a kind of lingerie to cover your body, also, it is very typical to accompany this gown with a matching bridal truckle. A nightgown is a short lingerie dress.

We bring you 10 types of bridal gowns and bridesmaid gowns, so you can cover your bridal underwear in an intimate moment with your family and close friends.

1. Classic bridal gown

This classic bridal gown is a very reasonably priced gown for its quality, in an off-white color with lace details.

The perfect bridal gown for classic brides!

Classic white bridal gown


Natural linen robe

Another beautiful gown, this is a very elegant and naturalistic white linen bridal gown.

Without a doubt, it is a gown that you will be able to keep on wearing forever.

We are sure that this bridal kimono will be loved by the most natural girls.

Intimissimi white linen robe


3. Long bridal gown

If you are looking for a wedding gown at a price for all budgets, we show you this wedding gown, at a very reasonable price considering that it has an average quality.

It is an original, long and elegant robe that you can find in white or if you are more daring, in pastel green.

Oysho bridal gown


4. Colored gown for bride

A different wedding gown could be a colorful gown. That's why we have selected this earthy pink gown, perfect for the most original and colorful girls.

Pink wedding gown


5. Sexy bridal gown

For the sexiest brides we bring you a wedding gown that will make you feel like an angel.

This bridal gown is very special and sensual, with small ruffles at the bottom. It is available in multiple colors.

Victoria's Secret sexy bridal gown


6. Bridal feathered gown

A unique and exclusive bridal gown is this gown with natural feathers at the ends. Isn't it an amazing gown?

Undoubtedly, the most original brides who like to stand out, will bet on this amazing bridal kimono.

Lingerie feather gown for bride


7. Satin bridal gown

What do you want the low cost version of the above wedding gown?

Here we leave you a feather wedding gown at a very good price, which in addition to having the feather trend, has a very nice satin fabric, it will be a great bet for your wedding gown during the preparation for the wedding.

Everyone will ask you about your wedding kimono!

White robe with feathers by SheIn


8. Personalized bridal gown

In this case, we suggest a very original idea, a personalized wedding gown.

On this bridal gown you can embroider your name or the name of whoever you want, and also, you can use it as a gift gown for the bridesmaids.

Personalized bridal and bridesmaids' gowns


9. Wedding gown with lace

Another classic bridal gown different from the other classic option is this one.

It is a short-medium cut gown with lace at the ends, very comfortable and pleasant to the touch that will make your experience the most pleasant.

Zalando classic lace robe


10. Bridal couture gown

In case, you are a bride that you never want to be forgotten, we have the perfect gown for you.

This haute couture bridal gown, which will leave no one indifferent, is a gown that is equal to a work of art!

Couture bridal gown



We are sure that you have been able to discover your ideal wedding gown for your wedding, and in the opposite case, that you have been able to get many ideas to find yours, and we are sure that you have realized how amazing bridal gowns look with as the ones we suggested for each one.

Tell us which bridal gown has been your favorite, what Lavani earrings you would pair it with and where other brides can shop for bridal gowns.


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