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Purple earrings for purple dress: purple guest looks

After the long break due to the pandemic... at last the weddings are back! Spring is here and with it comes the new season of events, this year we can celebrate again so now more than ever... we have to wear the best looks for guests! Purple is one of the colors in trend this 2023 so a look in shades of purple will be a success. In this blog we propose you the LAVANI options of purple, lilac and gold, and we also show you the tricks to know how to combine these accessories for a purple party dress.

Events are back! Discover the perfect accessories for your purple guest dress.

In this blog we propose you the LAVANI options of purple, lilac and gold earrings, and we also show you the tricks to know how to combine them. how to combine theses accessories for a purple party dress.

Follow our suggestions and become the best dressed guest. The accessories are the final touch in any look, with this guide of purple dress accessories you'll be able to choose the accessories that will turn heads. Let's get started! 

complements for purple wedding dress

    1. Long purple earrings

    Long earrings are trendy and no wonder because they are perfect for weddings! With this type of earrings you can fix any look because they stand out and are very elegant. But before choosing the ideal long purple earrings you should know the style of the event.

    Long earrings for purple wedding look


    Purple look for an informal event

    If it is a beach wedding or a more casual style choose long earrings with movement.

    We present the Liliana Fuchsia from the Auria collection, a collection of high quality handmade designs. These earrings attract attention because they are composed of bangs formed with bougainvillea colored beads, these beads are very summery semiprecious stones. In addition, the upper part of the earring makes it hooks perfectly to the ear with two very light and comfortable oval pieces plated in 18 carat gold. The bougainvillea color is one of the colors that go with lilac and other shades of purple so if your dress has these colors the Liliana Fuchsia piece will look great.

    Purple look for a formal event

    On the contrary, if the event takes place in a more formal environment, opt for more classic pieces, but always giving a different touch. For example, the Purple will be ideal. These earrings are made of natural semiprecious stones in different shades of lilac and aquamarine, these are colors that go with purple so if you wear a purple guest dress or even a lilac dress look these earrings will become your ideal accessory.

    It is a triangular shaped earrings so it is a fusion piece between classic and innovation. Purple earrings with very original touches, exclusive LAVANI Jewels design that will make you feel special in any occasion. In addition, these earrings despite their size are very light and comfortable so you can wear them without worry throughout the event. If you wear your hair down, the best option is a large hoop earrings like the Palmira.

    2. for a festive occasion

    For parties we recommend these options taking into account whether it is a day or night event.

    LAVANI purple earrings for a purple guest look

    Purple look for a daytime event

    If it is a daytime event the will look phenomenal. This flower-shaped piece is inspired by chestnut leaves. They have a lot of personality and will totally illuminate your face thanks to the sparkle of the multiple semi-precious stones that make up the inside of the earring. The pink, purple and blue tones combine perfectly with any lilac guest dress or purple wedding dress.

    Purple look for an evening event

    The evening events tend to be more elegant and sophisticated is why we believe it is better to choose a piece that is not so long and that is closer to the ear. We present you the are small front hoop earrings. Pastel purple and lilac tones are more popular than ever, so choose these colors for your purple party dress accessories.

    3. Complements and accessories for purple dress

    In addition to the earrings, at a wedding you have to take into account all the details. It is essential that you also choose other accessories that match perfectly with your wedding dress.

    Now that purple is a trendy color we want to comment on what accessories for purple wedding dresses are ideal.

    complement for a lilac wedding dress purple ring

    Monochrome Look Purple

    If you wear a purple dress for the wedding the first option is to create a total look of these colors combining rings and earrings in different purple tones. Our proposal is the combination of the Stardust ring with the Selene Piercing.

    Purple Stardust ring is a simple and elegant piece that will add the finishing touch to your purple guest dress or even an eggplant colored guest dress. This ring is plated in 2 microns of 24 karat gold and decorated with a trapezoidal purple semi-precious stone. Forget about sizes with this ring because it is adjustable!

    Complete your look with the small piercing Selene Rosa has the shape of a natural flower and is formed by a lilac zirconia, this piercing combines perfectly with the Stardust ring and you will get an ideal effect for your purple dress look.

    Gold and purple look

    The second option is to use gold to highlight your look. If your dress is eggplant, we suggest gold accessories that will enliven and give you the shine you need. We present you Persia earrings, 22 carat gold plated and with natural stones in pastel and pink tones that will look great with a purple wedding dress.


    4. Complements and accessories for lilac dress

    And in this last section we will show you which are the accessories for lilac dresses. Lilac is a lighter shade so we can use more striking accessories to highlight a little more, for example, we can use chockers or bracelets to highlight your purple wedding dress.

    accessory for a purple dress wedding bracelet


    Chokers are a very fashionable and fashionable accessory, so using it for a special event or wedding is very interesting. We present you two options of chokers that you can use as accessories for lilac dress.

    The first proposal is a Empress necklace, a very wide chocker plated in 18 carat gold and with amethyst and quartz stones, this necklace will completely dress your neck with purple, pink and blue tones. The second proposal is a Chocker Jasmine, a much finer piece than the previous one. It will be totally adjusted to your neck and will stylize you thanks to the golden chains from which the colored stones hang. In short, the perfect piece to match your lilac wedding dress.


    Other accessories that you can't forget are the ones that decorate your arms. Wear a purple clutch for your dress to carry all your things comfortably and use the bracelets with natural stones to decorate your wrist and arms. Our bracelet proposal is the braceletClemence bracelet, this gold plated accessory made with handmade jewelry techniques will become your greatest ally along with your other jewelry.


    We hope you liked our proposals and that LAVANI jewels will inspire you to create a purple dress look or a lilac wedding dress look. We would be very excited to see how you have decided to combine these shades of purple in your guest dress! So don't forget you can tag us on Instagram @lavani.jewels.


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