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How to combine headdresses and earrings: the definitive guide

Today we are especially excited to tell you that for this blog we are going to have a super special brand that will help us in a subject that we have all worried about at some time. The brand we are talking about is Masario, a brand that produces hats and fashion accessories created by themselves that are undoubtedly unique. They are a European reference in the creation of hats and headdresses, using a very special process of dyeing, ironing and sewing. Undoubtedly, it is an honor to have this great team!

Discover how you can combine headdresses and earrings to be a guest at an event

According to Masario, they specialize in 4 types of headdresses: pamelas, headdresses, canotier hats and turbans.

That is why between both brands we are going to talk about how you can combine headdresses and earrings without fear that your wedding look is too overloaded.



Tiaras are small crowns that cover the head as a symbol of royalty and elegance. Even so, we think they are the perfect ally for younger guests as they give a very youthful and fun look. In Masario they have a great variety of this accessory, our favorites are the satin that, without a doubt .... they are the latest trend!

Masario padded headband

However, for this type of headdresses we recommend you to choose the easy way, because it is a complement that will highlight your ears and it can be excessive to combine it with big earrings. Therefore, use small earrings that give a luminous touch to your face like the ones Irina earrings with stones of many colors that extend to the ear which makes them very versatile.



Pamelas are low-crowned, wide-brimmed and flexible hats. In Masario they have a wide variety of pamelas and, for this reason, it is their star product.

Pamela Masario

Both brands realized that the best option to combine pamelas with earrings is to wear long earrings. Why? Well, pamelas visually look like a very horizontal accessory and that is why the best way to break the horizontality is to choose long earrings that will simulate verticality in our face. To visualize it, the Pamela Altea by Masario would be ideal with the Kuzco earrings by LAVANIWould you combine this pamela and earrings at a wedding?



The headdress is a small accessory for the head that is usually worn on very elegant occasions and is combined with a semi or fully gathered hairstyle to give it a lot of prominence. We have all wondered how to combine headdresses with wedding earrings. Being a smaller complement than the pamelas, for example, we can afford to risk more with earrings without our face looks too full. We can use large earrings, but as long as you go as close as possible to the ear, not as in the previous case of long earrings.

Masario women's headdresses

An example of a perfect combination of headdress and earrings would be the Juliette headdress by Masario in a beautiful talcum powder pink tone that would be perfect with earrings like the ones in the The Sun earrings of the new Le Taro collectiont.


Canotier hat

The canotier hats are a complement that can resemble a pamela but usually have a straighter and less wide crown than the pamelas. These hats are more casual than pamelas and more comfortable because they give us much more vision. If you have ever wondered how to combine this type of hats with earrings, we recommend that you combine them with small hoop earrings so that they do not take all the attention away from the hat, but help it to dazzle.

Canotier Masario Hat

In Masario they have this Mar bled Canotier HatMasario in shades of browns that could be perfect with the ones that are medium size and completely golden, bringing a lot of light. Cocodrile earrings that are a medium size and completely golden, bringing a lot of light.


We were also new to the world of headdresses, but certainly with the help of Masario we have not only known more about it, but we have learned how to combine headdresses with LAVANI earrings. We hope it has helped you too to get into this world of headdresses and if you want to know more, you can take a look at their website and all the designs they have. 😊


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