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How to combine bougainvillea earrings for your weddings 2023

2023 is already here and one of the times we all love the most, spring, is approaching. And what does spring mean? Events! Specifically today we are going to be talking about how to combine Bougainvillea colored earrings for weddings coming in 2023.

We show you how to combine Buganvilla earrings for weddings and wedding guests.

Bougainvillea is a shade that mixes pink, purple and fuchsia. It is the perfect color to use in summer as it looks great on tanned skin.

Bougainvillea and gold earrings by LAVANI


Many of you wonder how to combine bougainvillea and in this blog we tell you that this color has endless possibilities and we show you which are the best options for you to include the bougainvillea color in your wedding guest look.

Let's go for it! Combine bougainvillea with shades of green, blue, gold.... Even create a total look in this color! We show you all the possibilities.

1. Bougainvillea and gold Leaf

Gold is a color that goes with everything, so with the bougainvillea color.... it was not going to be less! The bougainvillea and gold earrings are spectacular, these two tones create a very elegant effect, making them perfect for guest earrings. We present you our LAVANI options:

First, the earrings Lavani Leaf in bougainvillea and gold color. This piece has a spectacular design inspired by the branches and leaves. In addition, they have a handcrafted finish and are made of brass and plated in 24 carat gold. The Leaf earrings with stones in bougainvillea tone are perfect to combine with fuchsia or bougainvillea tones and the gold finish of these earrings will look great with gold sandals to match, you will get a total look in this very flattering color. Here is a good example of a fuchsia or bougainvillea dress from Laagam, the Arizona Dress.

Arizona Fuscia Laagam Dress

For the more daring ones, something more daring, combine the bougainvillea and gold earrings LAVANI Leaf with black or even with dark blue, so the earrings will be the main protagonists of the outfit, creating a contrast that will not go unnoticed. You can combine these groundbreaking tones with a pair of bougainvillea or fuchsia sandals to balance the look. An example can be a total look of Sophie and Lucie, specifically, this total look retro navy buttons.

Sophie and Lucie dark blue total look

On the other hand, we have the bougainvillea Thar ruby earrings. These bougainvillea and gold earrings have a design inspired by a golden snake and are starring a rough ruby at the bottom. The shape of these earrings is very elegant but also original, so they will be perfect if you want to give a different touch to a bougainvillea look for a classic wedding .

2. Bougainvillea and Turquoise Blue

If you want a fresh and summery look, the best thing to do is to wear bougainvillea and blue earrings. The Bougainvillea and Turquoise Rainbow Earrings are the perfect example of how this color combination can be the best choice for this summer 2023.

These are handmade earrings decorated with natural quartz druzes. These earrings will illuminate your face and give you the touch of color you need. They have a very versatile style, so you can use them for a bougainvillea look at night as well as for a bougainvillea look during the day.

3. Bougainvillea and Green Earrings LAVANI Mars and rings Bougainvillea and Green Water Twiggytitleearringstitle.

Another explosive color combination is created by the bougainvillea and green earrings.

The LAVANI Mars Earrings in fuchsia and green tones are maxi guest earrings in bougainvillea and green of astral inspiration.

These earrings can be combined with fuchsia, but without a doubt, my top recommendation is that you choose them for a look in shades of green! Pastel green, pine green or olive green will be your best friends to combine these earrings without being overdone.

Here we leave you a great dress to combine these earrings, an emerald green dress from Claw the Label.

Claw The Label emerald green dress

Another option are the Bougainvillea and Aqua Green Twiggy Earrings. These are a model of earrings that combine in a very subtle way these two tones to give you that special and colorful touch that you were looking for.


4. Bougainvillea long earrings

Long earrings are the most used earrings for guest looks. Now that weddings are coming back, it's your time! Choose bougainvillea long earrings and become the best dressed guest.

The long earrings with beads Liliana Fuchsias are the ideal choice for us. These bougainvillea-colored earrings are part of the Auria collection, made up of handcrafted jewelry pieces. These are long earrings with fringed beads in bougainvillea color, beads are trendy! In addition, they have a golden detail at the top and are very light, they will be very comfortable to wear at a wedding or event.

The Thar Ruby Earrings are so special, one of the perfect allies for the guest of 2023, as we have mentioned above. Their combination of dark bougainvillea and gold snake-shaped color reminds us how unique they are.

That is why we recommend you to combine these earrings with sand, beige, yellow tones... warm tones that remind us of the desert. For example, here is an Antolina shirt from Himba Collection that would look perfect!

Gold Antolina shirt by Himba Collection

Also, you can go for a red or maroon passion color to match the earring itself, red and pink mixed together are in trend and you can't be the last one to wear them. Without a doubt, any of these colors would highlight our outfit giving the special touch to the guest looks!

An idea to combine them would be the amazing Venice dress in red by Lady Pipa.

Red dress Venice Lady Pipa

5. Accessories for bougainvillea dresses

If you have decided to include the bougainvillea color in the dress, in this section we show you some examples of what accessories for bougainvillea dress are the most appropriate. In addition to some options of earrings for fuchsia dress.

We always say that accessories are the final touch to any look, so you must be very careful to properly combine these accessories with the clothes you have chosen.

Bougainvillea dress accessories par excellence are the earrings. Twiggy bougainvillea and aqua green earrings will be a good choice. will be a good choice. These earrings subtly include bougainvillea color, therefore, the look will not be overloaded. The bougainvillea tone is mixed with white and aqua green, creating a perfect balance. They are a very special piece that will become the star of your jewelry box.

Bougainvillea and aqua green earrings to complement a bougainvillea look by LAVANI

Another way to combine a bougainvillea dress is by using rings. With the Judy ring you will include this color in a subtle way in your look.

6. Difference between bougainvillea and fuchsia color

Finally, so that you have no doubts, we will briefly explain the difference between bougainvillea and fuchsia. These colors have a very similar tonality and that is why we often confuse them and although the colors combine well together, we find it interesting to analyze them separately.

Bougainvillea is a mixture of colors, a harmony between fuchsia, purple and pink. Fuchsia, on the other hand, is a more intense and darker tone. Bougainvillea is often considered a complementary color to fuchsia pink, these two colors can even be considered the same and are often used in the same way. So you know, the difference between Bougainvillea and Fuchsia color is not as much as we thought!


We are sure that our #LAVANIGirls will look amazing with any of the bougainvillea guest earrings we have suggested. Remember that these are just our recommendations and it's super important that you really choose what is going to make you feel confident yourself. Don't forget to tag us in your looks on Instagram!


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