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Colors that go with Blue

One of the benefits of this color is that it is easily combinable and you can get a very different look depending on the combo. Both with a total blue look by adding accessories of another color, and achieving balance with other colors.

Combinations with blue, how to wear them?

Today at LAVANI you will discover the best combinations with this color and with which accessories you will get a perfect look.

Read on and discover the colors that go well with blue!

1. White and blue

This combination is one of the most infallible and will undoubtedly give you a lot of freshness. With a total white to which you add a touch of color you will make the blue stand out much more and it will elevate your look. You can also combine it with pastel tones on both sides and choose a bag in pastel blue tones. With this spring air that it transmits, this combination is one of our favorites.

colors that go with blue

That is why with these outfits it is best to combine them with accessories with bright colors that stand out, such as the Giulietta Teardrop Earrings or also with a golden hue, such as the La Plage Earrings .

2. Orange and blue

Since orange is a complementary color to blue, you will get a combo with a lot of vitality, but be careful and not go too far. Orange combined with electric blue or navy blue is a very good option. If you want to add a complement such as a bag, we recommend that you either opt for orange or if you want to risk more for another shade of blue.

color combines with orange

With this cheerful and lively combination, we recommend choosing accessories in golden tones to give you more light, such as the Opera Triangle Earrings or the textured Clemence Earrings .

3. Yellow and blue

Combining yellow and blue is a 100% match, these two colors in their different shades will give you personality and vitality. Also, as we can see, with electric blue you will give your outfit a lot of energy. You can do it by adding yellow elements with accessories or give it more importance, as we can see, with a coat.

blue and yellow combine

The jewels that go best with these colors are in gold like the Barcelona Rombo Earrings or with a touch of color with the Sadie Blue Hoops.

4. Green and blue

Following the trend of block colours, green and blue will bring you harmony due to their color range. Blue is a color that combines with green and if you also decide on an accessory in that same tone, you will not fail.

blue and green combine

With this powerful combo, it is best to decide on some simple accessories that allow you to balance the look. Some earrings like the Cirse Fan or ones like The Star Climbers will go great.

5. Red and blue

If you were wondering how to combine red, blue is a very successful choice. As we can see, electric blue cannot be missing here either, but it is also important not to go too far, since visually you can achieve an unwanted effect.

blue and red colors

These two primary colors will give great weight to the look as a whole, so we recommend you opt for earrings with shades of red or bright colors such as the Portobello or also, for ones in golden tones with great prominence such as the Jenner Hoops .

6. Lilac and blue

You can use this sweet combination in pastel tones and give the same weight to both colors or incorporate lilac with accessories, such as a bag. You can also add more colors from that chromatic range, such as pink in the bag or shoes.

combinations with lilac

Whatever you do, you can complement it with jewels in those tones, such as the Purple Paramount Hoops or in Blue with zircons that you can use on all occasions. Or also the Agua and Morado Metropolis Earrings , with which you will go perfect.

What do you think of these combinations and which one is your favourite?

If you want to know more about this season's color combinations and how to use colorimetry, go to our blog post “How to know which colors of clothes suit me”.


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