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Discover the properties of Amber

Amber is one of the most coveted gemstones in the world, because it contains a unique and singular beauty, but also because it brings us many positive properties.

Discover the properties of Amber, the color of Amber, how Amber is formed and much more.

If we already liked this stone for its appearance, after knowing all the possible properties that it can bring you, we are even more in love. Discover below all about the Amber stone.

Today we will review its origins, history and properties to learn a little more about it, and if you continue to the end, you will discover curiosities that will surely leave you open-mouthed.

Discover Amber and its properties!

1. The origin of Amber and its properties

Amber has a very precious and valued meaning, and it is because this precious stone represents such beautiful ideas as the drops of the sun and the tears of the gods, hardened honey and solidified sunlight.

The properties of amber

In addition, it is also a symbol of eternal youth because this stone has preserved many organisms from the past intact in its interior, such as small insects. That is why for some ancient tribes it was considered a kind of resting place.

Properties yellow amber with insects

Today, this stone is a symbol of mental clarity, balance and strength of self-confidence. So, as you can see, the properties of yellow amber are very numerous.


2. Amber stone and its properties: formation

Amber is not a stone, it is produced from the hardening and fossilization of viscous resins from very old trees, so it is common to find flowers, dust and bubbles. It is the only "stone" obtained in this way. For this reason, it is classified among the organic gemstones. Having such a natural origin, it is said that one of the properties of amber is that this stone helps the bad energies of the environment around us.

If you are curious to know where this stone is found, we will tell you that in our country, in Spain, specifically in Burgos, Teruel and Cantabria, although there are also in France, Poland, Colombia or Nicaragua. A very widespread stone around the world.

Yellow amber tree formation

Its name comes from Arabic, and means "floating in the sea", since it is not a stone and is light. Also, it has been commonly known as the "gold of the sea". It is a highly coveted stone since the stone age due to all the properties attributed to amber.


3. Amber stone and its properties: color

Amber has a very wide range of colors, ranging from the most difficult to find, white or also called royal amber, through light yellow or cognac, the most common of all, to more orange tones.

Although we can also find darker shades such as cherry red amber or even blue and green amber, in these cases, this color of the amber stone indicates that it is a very young stone, that is, it has been formed relatively recently.

However, the most identifiable and common amber stone color will be yellow.

Amber stone properties and color


4. The properties of yellow amber

For centuries, there has been a belief that this "stone" is formed by light, so imagine all the properties attributed to amber.

It usually denotes beauty, protection, it is able to relieve physical pain and can help you to eliminate bad energies from your life, attracting positive people. It is also useful if you have headaches or arthritis, if your digestive tract is inflamed or if you simply need energy to start the day.

In addition, it will be your greatest ally in case you are a very nervous person, since one of the properties of amber is to combat nervous tics and anxiety.

Another of the most surprising properties of amber is that this stone contains between 3% and 8% of succinic acid, an acid that is used in modern medicine to improve the immune system and, consequently, our health.


5. How to know if it is real amber

It is not uncommon for there to be numerous fakes of this highly coveted "stone". Keep in mind that yellow amber is quite an expensive stone, so you should be alarmed if you are buying one at a medium or low price.

However, today we bring you THE TRICK to find out if you are not being told the whole truth, attending to one of the properties of amber that will help you discover if it is a real or a fake one.


  1. Put the amber in a large container with salt water.
  2. If the stone floats, then it is a true amber.
  3. If, on the other hand, it sinks, it is a false Amber stone.

How many of these properties did you not know or know about amber, one of the most curious gemstones on the planet? If you still don't dare to wear some amber jewelry near you, we keep giving you reasons to do so.

In LAVANI, we have precious jewelry with this stone that we find ideal to give a touch of color to your looks, for example:

    1. Hoops, a must-have multicolor hoop earrings for summer featuring yellow amber stone.
    2. The Louise in earth color, which combines one of the latest trends of link pendants with stones in reddish, orange and yellow, by the property of the amber stone.
    3. The , one of our best-sellers, a unique jewel with a golden ball chain and small and fine multicolored stones including the amber stone.

There is no doubt that the properties of amber stone are incredible and that its precious color allows us to make infinite combinations with this natural mineral, which is why, at LAVANI, we love it! and we are sure that we will continue to take advantage of its attributes for a long time to come.


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