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Swadhisthana Sacral Chakra Stones

The Swadhisthana is one of the seven chakras and as the Hindu tradition explains, finding the balance between these will help us to have physical and mental well-being.

Discover the second chakra: Swadhisthana!

sacral chakra

Today at LAVANI we tell you everything about the sacral chakra: how to unlock it, where it is and some of its properties.

Keep reading and discover what their stones are!

1. Sacral chakra: origin and meaning

This chakra is known by the name of Swadhisthana, which translated means " the support or base of oneself ", since it is related to the harmony of our being and identity. It is located in the pelvis, in the lower abdomen, which is why it also treats passion and sexual desire.

In addition, it is also said that this chakra is the door of energy as it is located at the base of the spine.

The associated lotus flower is of great importance, as the element of the sacral chakra is water. This element is related to fluidity and the ability to adapt to any situation.

sacral chakra

It is also called the orange chakra because that is its associated color and its energy that provides the ability to enjoy life. In addition, the color orange is relaxing, thus giving you positive thoughts.

2. Properties of the sacral chakra

As we have said, among the main characteristics of Swadhisthana are creativity, the ability to connect emotionally and sexual desire. But, in addition, people open to this chakra experience fluidity in all their expressions and thoughts.

chakras location

In this way, when these energies are in balance we will experience a greater emotional connection combined with greater pleasure. Artists are often credited with this chakra as having such personalities.

In addition, with the recognition of these energies we will achieve greater happiness and enjoyment of our lives.

3. Blocked sacral chakra

If you are wondering what to do to unblock this chakra, you will first have to know the symptoms that indicate this internal blockage. Among them may be a lack of sexual desire, a lack of energy and creativity, or difficulties establishing relationships or connecting with our surroundings.

So to eliminate this blockage, some solutions are proposed, such as yoga or meditation, since with certain pelvic postures this activation can be achieved. Also with the practice of meditation on death and regeneration. Other solutions involve working with the orange chakra element: water, bathing and letting it flow.

Aromatherapy is another of the practices used to stimulate the sense of smell, with essences such as sandalwood or rosemary.

4. Its precious stones and minerals

In addition to greater stimulation or meditation to unblock the sacral chakra, there are also some stones that are in line with its energy and that will allow us to properly function our mind and spirit.

sacral chakra stones

Thus, represented by that orange tone, those stones will be: amber, moonstone, fire opal, tiger's eye, garnet, golden topaz, orange aventurine, citrine and orange amethyst.

Therefore, if you want, you can take these stones with you with earrings such as the Amal Piedraluna or the Mercury Garnet Earrings .

Also with rings like Opal October or Topaz April.

Although if you prefer pendants in your day to day, you can choose between the Piedra Luna Teguise Necklace or the Padma Piedraluna Necklace. Tell us which one do you prefer?

Did you know this chakra and its properties? If you want to know more about the chakras, go to The Lavazine and discover the Anahata heart chakra stones or the Manipura solar plexus stones!


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