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Druse Stone Minerals: What is Quartz Druse?

The whole process of creating our jewelry is based on obtaining the highest possible quality. From the selection of the materials, always noble; the stones, natural; the carving technique with which they are elaborated; the love and work with which they are designed... all around the same idea: the highest possible quality.

Discover all about Druse stone or Druse Geodes Minerals.

Therefore, in Lavani, we consider it a fundamental factor that you know in greater detail the stones with which our jewels are composed. Today, in the #Stonestories section of the blog, we present: the druse.

Druse stone single color purple in detail

This type of mineral and the jewels that are formed by it, are perfect to wear in big events or celebrations where you need an original, colorful and above all, elegant accessory. The perfect accessory to stand out and be the center of attention!

A sure hit!



1. What are druse stones

Druses are crystals that are grouped on a common base, either flat or curved, which can be found in both geodes and large mineral deposits. This type of crystal grouping is highly valued as it is considered to bring both strength and energy to either aid concentration in work or to perform better individual meditation.

Drusa purple zoom close-up


2. Druse stone physical properties

One of the key properties of druses is their illumination and brightness, which transmit powerful energies that help to obtain a better harmony and balance. Because of its power and mystical properties, at Lavani we make an initial use of white quartz druse, which we dye by hand in different colors to bring that special energy and color to our models.

Main physical characteristics of druse stone.

Druses refer to the grouping of pointed crystals that share the same base, the base of the druses can be different. There are druses can be formed by different types of minerals, there are amethyst druses or fluorite druses, but the most common are quartz druses.


Geodes and druses

The druse is confused with the geode, as it is also a grouping of precious crystals.

Geode properties.

The main difference between geodes and druses is the base. The druse has a flat or curved shape, while the geode has a bubble or cave shape.
The druse and the amethyst geode are easily confused because they are characterized by having a large number of crystals inside, crystals that accumulate positive energy and serve as an amulet.

Difference between Druse and Geodes with detail image

4. Druse stone mystical properties

Druses are stones that stand out for their mystical properties. It is a stone widely used in gemotherapy, so below we will mention its properties in the mystical field and its uses.

The druse is used as an amplifier and energy accumulator. It is recommended to be placed in office environments to motivate and create an atmosphere full of power and desire to work.

It is used in meditation, as it favors concentration and has specific properties to level your energy and mind.

It also relieves stress and is used as a calming agent. The druses are stones with meaning that is associated with peace and tranquility, that is why it is recommended to place in the home.

Druse stones with soothing and balancing properties


The druse, thanks to its physical properties, shines very brightly, that is why it has become a symbol of the illumination of the soul.

It eliminates the negative energy and enhances the positive, so it is used to recharge and clean the mystical properties of other minerals and stones. A curiosity is that besides eliminating the negative it is also used to eliminate radiation from electronic equipment.

We recommend usingthe druse stone as an amulet because it enhances the vitality of the people who wear it and will help you face the day to day with stability and concentration.


5. LAVANI Jewelry with druses

Druze stones are widely used in jewelry because in addition to all the mystical properties they have, it is a material with a precious finish.

At LAVANI we also design jewelry with druse! In this section we show you our favorite designs.

White druse earrings

The first druse earrings that we present are the LAVANI Chance Silver. They are formed by a white druse stone rounded at the top that covers the earlobe completely and adapts perfectly so that they are comfortable and you can wear them throughout the event without discomfort. A piece that follows the trend of the links, but reinvents it with circular shapes that will look great both with loose or gathered hair.

In addition, they are made of brass and plated in 925 silver. Created with handcrafted finishes these earrings are unique, you will not find two alike.

Pink druse stones earrings

Long and daring druse earrings perfect to wear in special events and weddings, with these earrings you will become the center of attention. This piece is starring a natural druse stone in the center dyed pink.

Two golden leaves are born from the druse at each end, creating a movement that will reinvent your entire look.

Black druse stones earrings

These natural druse stone earrings have a fun and original heart design - hearts are all the rage!

At LAVANI we use this trend by giving a distinctive touch to the earring and adding a natural quartz druse dyed in black. A large earring that will become one of the favorite pieces in your jewelry box.


We hope you liked this new blog about druses! We would love to see how you cheer up and combine your LAVANI jewelry with druzy stone, so don't hesitate to tag us on Instagram with your best looks.


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