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How to choose necklaces and Earrings according to the type of neckline: halter, strapless...

Do you have an event coming up and you don't know what jewelry to wear or simply don't know how to combine jewelry according to your neckline type? Don't worry, in our blog you are going to learn what jewelry to choose according to your type of neckline. Whether you are wearing a halter neck wedding guest dress, a strapless dress, a v-neck dress or other styles, we bring you the best combinations for those types of necklines with necklaces and earrings.

 LAVANI to the rescue: we help you choose earrings and necklaces according to your neckline!

Drawing scheme on which earrings and necklaces to choose according to your neckline type.

The season of weddings, events, graduations and other parties is back. For many of us, it's difficult to find accessories that adapt to various styles, or that are suitable for both day and night weddings, depending on the etiquette of the event... Or even more complicated, you have found "The Dress" and you need a jewel to give that final touch to your look. We're here to help you!


 Let's get started!
LAVANI Jewels gold plated halter neck dress earrings

1. Earrings for halter-neck dresses

Did you know that depending on whether your dress has a color or another or a print or not the earrings you wear should be different? The same goes for the types of neck! Choosing earrings for a halter neck dress can be a bit complicated, so...

Have you ever wondered what earrings to wear with a halter neck dress? We tell you:

Cocktail dresses are a classic at any wedding or daytime event: plain, printed, flouncy, ladylike, with pencil skirt... the possibilities are endless. This type of occasion is the perfect excuse to buy those earrings or accessories you've always wanted. Be clear: opt for flashy earrings and combine them with simple dresses, which you can always recycle. Due to trends in recent years, many of the dresses for these events are halter neck. We tell you how to combine earrings with halter neck!

The earrings you wear to an event or wedding, should be striking enough to stand out and give that special touch to your look, but without being too "pompous" or excessive, especially in daytime weddings and dresses with halter necklines. Forget the "brilli-brilli" on these occasions! For us, the key to choose your perfect earrings according to your neckline is the length and movement of the earring and play with colors.

Halter neck blouse to match with earrings

Dresses with halter neck, round or box neckline, have infinite options: the key is to choose a striking earring, but that does not rival the garment, that is, that it is not too long or with excessive movement. In these cases, the important thing is to choose a color or color combinations that enhance the color of your dress. Does that mean that we must combine the earrings with the color of our clothes? Not necessarily. For us, the trick is to contrast colors. Here are some examples:

  • What earrings to wear with a printed halter neck dress

If you want to make a difference, you can choose a dress with a striking print. In this case, our recommendation is to opt for models with a classic design, with almost no color, gold or white, like our Lika White.

Gold hoop earrings with printed halter neck dress.

But if you prefer to combine colored stone earrings with a printed or overloaded halter neck dress, it is better to opt for short and simple models: single-color earrings, button type and attached to the lobe ... That give a special touch but do not overload:

  • What earrings to wear with a plain halter-neck dress

If you are looking to stand out with earrings and your halter neck dress in a plain tone, we recommend original and striking earrings without being long, so as not to interfere with the type of neckline of your dress.

A very good option is the climber earrings, as they stay on the ear and climb up it, highlighting, but without burdening your neckline. They will be your perfect earrings for your halter neck dress! We leave you with the best options of climber earrings for halter neck dresses:

Gold necklace with white halter neckline dress


2. Necklaces for halter neck dress

The halter neckline exposes our shoulders, giving them all the prominence and stylizing our figure. It is a type of neckline that looks good on many people, but it is...

Which necklace should I wear with a halter neck?

To keep the prominence on the shoulders and not destabilize the structure of dresses or halter neck garments, the best option is to choose pendants as long as possible and that keep the attention in the center, that is, having a center piece with charms or stones that fall at the end of the chain. You can choose more minimalist designs if your event dress already has a lot of print or color, the Hydra, or more daring designs like the StarStar for simpler halter neck dresses. Here are some ideas of necklaces for your halter neck dresses:

Gold plated long earrings for v-neck or v-neckline

3. Earrings for v-neck or v-neckline

For dresses with a V-neckline, we recommend long earrings, with a minimum length of five centimeters. This type of neckline leaves a lot of skin exposed on the front of the chest, so it is important to "fill" with accessories. The higher the neckline, the more prominence our earrings and/or accessories should have.

Don't know what earrings to wear for a v-neckline dress? Follow our advice:

Attention! As the shoulders are covered, the earrings we recommend for dresses with V-neck or V-neckline are only long earrings, not long and wide. We do not want to give an extra volume that may be too overloaded. You can also combine your V-neck dress with a wide brimmed pamela and our earrings . The Justice, Thelma, or Madonna , depending on the color you are looking for. These are our best options of earrings for dresses with v-neckline or v-neckline:

Gold choker necklace for strapless neckline dresses


4. Necklace for strapless or bardot neckline dresses

The strapless neckline and the bardot neckline are the ones that leave more skin uncovered. This allows us to play a lot more with the necklaces for this type of neckline, since we have a very large blank canvas where we can create the best combinations.

If you have doubts about what necklace to wear with a strapless dress... you're in the right place.

For strapless necklines, the perfect necklaces are going to be eye-catching necklaces that stay closer to the neck: chokers and chokers. Choker and choker necklaces for strapless necklines will stylize your neck and focus all eyes on the area.

Here are several options of necklaces for strapless dresses, more and less flashy and in different colors so you can choose the one that best goes with your event look. 

Large star earrings for strapless neckline dresses


5. Earrings for strapless or bardot neckline dresses

Unlike the V-neckline where we have recommended only long earrings, in this type of neckline with a strapless neckline we have much more skin exposed. That is why we will look for long and big earrings, with a lot of volume. It is the type of neckline that will allow us to play with large jewelry.

In the case of earrings for strapless dress, we have the ultimate key.

That's why, depending on the strapless dress you wear, you can choose from a wide variety of large earrings: from flower-shaped earrings to earrings with lots of color, volume and textures.

Golden flower earrings with blue strapless dress


Afraid they're too heavy? Here are some models of earrings for strapless neckline that will be comfortable and light to wear.

Whatever your dress, what is clear is that earrings influence the final look much more than we think and, therefore, we can not leave your choice to the last minute. So... don't leave without taking a look at our collection of event earrings and necklaces!




You'll find a great selection of earrings for weddings and all kinds of necklines, specially designed to make you the perfect #weddingguest. And also necklaces for the most daring!

Did our ultimate guide on how to match necklaces and earrings by neckline type help you? Don't forget to tag us on Instagram and Tik Tok if you apply our tips and choose a LAVANI look!


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