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What earrings should I wear to a wedding? Earrings for weddings 2023.

Officially we can say that the wedding and event season has begun, and finding the perfect wedding earrings and being the perfect guest is not easy. For us it is one of the best times of the year. We love to think about guest looks and combine the proposals of our favorite clothing brands with our jewelry. But for many women it is a stressful time: what look with wedding earrings to choose, how to combine it with earrings for weddings.... Choosing the right shoes, handbag, headdress and earrings to go with your guest look can seem complicated.

Lavani to the rescue: we help you find your wedding earrings to be the perfect guest.

Don't worry! At Lavani Jewels we want to help you look perfect and be the center of attention. And we are convinced that this can be achieved, and you will save a lot of time, if you follow the following tips and suggestions for jewelry and costume jewelry to go to a wedding in 2023.

Golden earrings for wedding and perfect guest in the shape of a leaf.


Many of you are looking for models of gold earrings for weddings. It is clear that gold goes with everything and is a good way to complete your guest look.

The best golden earrings for wedding guest.

We bring you our three favorite models of gold earrings for wedding guests:

If you are looking to stand out with gold wedding guest earrings.

Grinko are a no-fail option for weddings. They are very striking golden earrings that will perfectly complement your wedding look. The best part? The top piece of these earrings is interchangeable: you can remove the golden part of the earring and wear just the stone as a stud earring in your day to day life. Pair them with colorful prints for that extra touch of sparkle.

Gold earrings for wedding with blue midi print dress perfect guest blue printed dress 

If you are looking for elegance.

We have the most elegant golden wedding earrings: the Veli model. With a Hellenic inspiration, these golden earrings will complete your wedding look to make you the perfect guest, the best part is that they are so light that you will forget you are wearing them! In this case, the perfect look for weddings with the Veligold ear rings would be in burgundy or green tones, to achieve the maximum elegance you are looking for.

Gold leaf shaped earrings for weddings with long green dress perfect guest

If you are looking for simplicity.

There are options for all tastes. If you are looking for gold wedding earrings that have a small size, are light, and you will be able to wear them in many other occasions, the Marrakech are your option. With a very special design and more than 150 stones, they will make you shine at your weddings and will make you the perfect guest. How would we combine them? With a suit/dress/monkey in light green tones or with designs that have more closed collars. Add other accessories such as bags or shoes in gold to close and get a look of 10.

Gold earrings for minimalist weddings with green suit

Other more daring gold wedding guest earrings: 

Original star shaped earrings for evening wedding guests


When it comes to evening ensembles, not everything goes. Choosing guest earrings for an evening wedding should be a very careful process. While it is true that you can opt for a more ornate outfit, remember: less is more. You must be careful to achieve an elegant look.

What to wear to an evening wedding.

If you wear a dress or jumpsuit with glitter, opt for fine jewelry, for example, Gaga model, with zircons titleand goldtitle zircons. Colorful earrings are not necessary, but it is important that your earrings for an evening wedding are fine and elegant.

Another one of our top tips for evening weddings is.... show off cleavage! Both front and back. If you are one of those who like to show off cleavage you should know that doing it at evening weddings will be a success. Of course, you will have to take into account what earrings for your evening wedding you choose to get the elegant and fine look that is required for this type of wedding. Our proposal:

Gold star earrings for evening wedding with garnet dress

For this kind of looks we suggest you to wear big earrings, sometimes it can be risky, but choosing the perfect design is not impossible. From LAVANI we propose you the La Luna. These are the best earrings for an evening wedding as they are designed with the shape of the moon and full of zirconia that will give shine to your look. Our recommendation in this case is to wear them with a full updo or a backcombed wet look to give them all the prominence.

Gold plated moon shaped wedding night earrings with zircons

Keep in mind the details.

Earrings are usually the most used accessory, but let's not forget about rings or bracelets.

In an evening wedding the look tends to be a little more sophisticated, to achieve this effect combine your earrings with jewelry like the Alhambra or Kasia rings.


Colorful earrings for a day wedding with natural stones


When thinking about earrings for daytime weddings, things can get complicated. Due to the protocol at daytime weddings, you tend to wear more accessories such as headpieces, hats and other hair accessories. Many of our jewelry are inspired by nature, so they are perfect to combine with floral headpieces, we come to save all day wedding guests!

What to wear if you are invited to a daytime wedding.

In addition, in Lavani we have a very important rule: even if you buy the earrings for the event you have at that moment, it is very important that you can wear them on other occasions. Our jewelry allows you to wear them in your most special events and be able to use them again at other times, we assure you! For a special dinner, with neutral tones, to go to work, etc. Do not leave your lavani jewelry abandoned in your jewelry box!

Here are our tips on how to choose the perfect for daytime weddings that match all colors: 

This jewel is inspired by chestnut leaves, adorned with multiple semiprecious stones inside, which bring luminosity to the face. A perfect design for your most special occasions, or for your summer nights. It belongs to the Esenzia collection, a classic line inspired by nature that will be your essential collection to be the perfect guest thanks to its variety of earrings for daytime weddings. You can wear this accessory alone or give it a more special touch with a ring in the same tones as some of the stones or your outfit.

Colorful day wedding earrings with aquamarine dress

Combine them with these tones: aquamarines and pinks. In addition to wearing stones with these tones, the central malachite stone is the center of attention, complementing the outfit to perfection. If you add accessories in the tones of this stone, such as a handbag, you will have the perfect guest look completed.

These golden earrings are one of the most original models of our Esenzia collection. Formed by a large palm leaf with a lot of detail and decorated with a central malachite stone that forms the rachis of the palm leaf, your perfect allies to mark style! You can wear them for that special event or occasion, but you can also reuse them in other party looks.

Leaf day wedding earrings with green stone with mustard dress

Combine them with these tones: mustard yellow or red looks, as the malachite green will contrast perfectly. You can complete the look with a bag in the same green tone and sandals in neutral or golden tones that will complete your look and make you the perfect daytime wedding guest.

We hope you were able to choose the perfect earrings for a daytime wedding!


Long earrings to go to a wedding with colored stones


In recent years, long earrings have been a trend, and it was not going to be less at weddings. From experience, when choosing long wedding earrings, there are several factors to take into account:

Discover the best long earrings for wedding guests.

Our complexion: for all of you who do not have a very slender neck, we recommend long earrings, but without going overboard. There are some models of long earrings without being extremely long that will be perfect for you, such as our Veli or Blanco, available in various colors so you can choose your favorite. In addition, there is a key element in the models that we have told you about, and is that they are long wedding earrings but fixed, that is, they do not have different structured pieces between them, so they will not move practically, which will help us to stylize more this type of necks.

Long gold plated wedding earrings with natural stones

On the other hand, if you have a long neck, we recommend you to choose long wedding earrings with a lot of movement. For example, Portobello earrings that, thanks to the number of different colors they have, you can combine them with countless looks. They are being one of your favorites of the season and we have seen them with red, maroon, purple, blue looks... there are no limits! There are no limits! The best part? They are original wedding guest earrings that are very different from the rest of the jewelry, which ensures you an absolute success and that you will be the center of attention. And don't miss our latest novelties in long wedding earrings. The Justice are sweeping and it is no wonder.


Purple and pink wedding rings in the shape of a stamp: costume jewelry to go to a wedding.


The rings will always be the final touch. We always recommend that you put them on the hand where you carry the bag, as this way you will get them to be seen and attract attention. Here are some ideas.

Golden choker necklace with colored stones inspired by the Tarot.


There are ideas for all tastes. If you are not a fan of earrings, you can opt for a striking necklace that catches all eyes and wear discreet earrings to match. Here are some suggestions.

We hope this guide on what wedding guest earrings to wear to your upcoming events has been helpful, but... havea special section with a wide variety of styles for weddingtitleguest earringstitle! Check out our in the Perfect Guest Specialtitlesectiontitle, you have more than 100 styles to choose from! In addition, you can filter by the colors you are looking for, to make everything easier for you.



But our best advice is that you come to see us in our jewelry stores in Madrid or Valencia to try them on, where we will offer you a totally personalized attention and help you find the jewel you need. A little trick: bring your look! With the dress or outfit you have chosen it will be much easier for us to find the earring that best suits you.you have the addresses and opening hours!



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