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Blue Stones Gems' names

Do you really know the different types of natural blue stones that exist? Blue colored stones are some of the most sought after because the blue color is a very difficult tone to find in nature when we come out of the ocean, that is why this type of stones are so valued.

Discover the types of natural blue stones that exist and their names.

Lapis lazuli blue stone

At LAVANI, we are here to teach you all the blue stones that exist and their most particular rarities. You will also learn how to differentiate the value of each one of them and their most special properties.

Get to know all the natural blue stones in the world of jewelry easily and quickly.


Sapphire is the most representative blue stone in jewelry. It is the most valued blue stone of all and is in the top 3 of the most valued natural stones in the world due to its scarcity, its preciousness and purity.

Blue Sapphire stone

It has a vibrant dark blue color and is characterized by its high hardness and durability.

As a curiosity, it is usually one of the preferred stones for engagement rings, although, we warn the guys: it won't come cheap!



Turquoise is one of the most beautifully colored stones you will ever see. This Turquoise stone gets a very clear and vibrant bluish green color that would remind us of the waters of the most beautiful coves that exist.

Aquamarine stone Turquoise

At LAVANI, we love to use this stone, especially for summer, as it brings a fresh and fun touch to all kinds of looks.



The Blue Topaz is formed from a thermal treatment which gives the stone its characteristic bluish and transparent color.

Bright blue topaz

In addition, Blue Topaz is a stone with a considerably low value because its production is quite easy and a large supply is readily available.


4. Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a very opaque natural blue stone to which golden sparkles are usually added to highlight its dark tone.

Lapis lazuli blue and golden stone

It is one of the most used stones in jewelry because it has a good quality at a medium price. However, it does not usually last long in the long term because it needs a lot of care that it does not usually receive in full.


5. Iolita

The Iolite blue stone is a very geometric shaped gemstone that acquires bluish tones, but also purple reflections.

Lolita dark blue stone

In addition, it is a very bright stone, but its hardness is quite low so it tends to break easily.


6. Apatite 

Blue Apatite stone is a mineral formed from calcium phosphorus, an element that is also responsible for forming our bones and teeth.

Apatite light blue stone

Its value can be high depending on its characteristics.


7. Blue tourmaline 

Blue Tourmaline is a very versatile mineral that can often be used as a natural green stone due to the changes in tone that can be created.

Blue Tourmaline Stone

It usually has a light bluish green color. It is one of the stones with more spiritual benefits at present.


8. Zircon

Blue Zircon is a bluish stone that has become popular during the last few years due to its close resemblance to diamond, but its lower value.

Blue zircon stone

However, it has been known that this stone shines easily with the passage of time, in addition to being fragile and easily broken.




I'm sure you've been amazed at the number of natural blue stones that exist, as well as blue stone names you've never heard of before. Now, you can consider yourself an expert in precious blue stones.


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