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Tourmaline and its properties: What is Tourmaline used for?

It is a reality that more and more people are attracted to mysticism, astrological charts and many other spiritual concepts. We are even some of them. And, one day, we realized that the world of stones and their meanings was a whole universe! A universe that, without any doubt, was worth exploring. Today we talk about Tourmaline and its properties.

Have you ever heard of Tourmaline and its properties?

Tourmaline and its properties

Tourmaline is a type of silicate. It is one of the most versatile semi-precious stones, available in various colors, from colorless to black. It presents different colors or depths of color when viewed from different angles, such as turning the stone in the light.

Read on and find out everything you can know about Tourmaline!

1. Black tourmaline: properties

As a protective stone par excellence, the black tourmaline has the special property of keeping away bad energies and bad intentions from people. With this, the Black Tourmaline aims to keep away from our lives anxiety, anger, and bad moods thanks to the conversion of negative auras into positive ones.

Since there are many sources of bad energies, Tourmaline protects us from those coming from ourselves as well as from those coming from external sources.

It should be noted that, along with these spiritual properties, black tourmanuline has other healing properties that improve physical and mental health. These properties of Black Tourmaline are appreciable, above all, at a psychological level, as it helps to overcome fears, to free us from mental blockages and even to improve the lives of people affected by depression.

In addition, Tourmaline is a protective stone against radiation from electronic devices as it absorbs electromagnetic waves, as well as relieves possible ailments caused by the high exposure to this type of devices that mark the rhythm of our lives today.

2. Pink Tourmaline: properties

Tourmaline is one of the most outstanding gemstones with incredible properties. Pink Tourmaline is associated with the Heart Chakra. It acts on self-love and confidence, strengthening self-confidence, as well as reducing emotional pain. A balm for the heart both physically and spiritually.

In the same way, it promotes relaxation and peace, favoring compassion and wisdom, getting people to have a more active, dedicated and energetic life, also promoting joy, sociability and sexuality.

It is considered a stone of cleansing, protection and transformation, whose strength lies in the parallel striations that transform dense energies and increase vibration.

3. How to activate and clean your Tourmaline

Being the Tourmaline one of the few stones that cleans itself, it is advisable to clean it from time to time because, in case of overloading, it could break. To do this, it is essential to clean the stone of any negative charges it may have absorbed.

And how do we do it? Well, it will have to be placed for a whole night when there is a full moon and, if possible, with a little sea water. In the same way, another option would be to place it in a glass jar with water and sea salt. Once the whole night has passed, it is washed with natural water and left to dry in the sunlight.

But be careful! If it is the pink tourmaline that we are cleaning and activating, it should not be left directly exposed to the sun's rays because, like the rose quartz, it can fade and lose its color. Therefore, in the latter case, it is advisable to place it in daylight without direct sunlight.

Something that we found super curious is that it is not just when there is a full moon when you can cleanse and activate the Tourmaline, but you can activate it when there is a waning and new moon because, in this phase, the energy goes into the earth, making it easier for negativity to be absorbed by it.

Clean and activate your black tourmaline

How often should I clean my Tourmaline?

The frequency with which this cleansing should be done will depend on the negative energies with which each person is charged. Generally, it is recommended to perform this cleansing once a month. However, in case of being a person charged with many negative energies, the ideal is to do it every two weeks.

It is also important that, in case we buy the Tourmaline or it is given to us as a gift, since we do not know the level of negative energies it has been charged with, we should do the cleaning.

Being such a simple and quick task, and influencing so much the energies it allows us to surround ourselves with, having our Tourmaline clean and activated is a must for it to work properly!

5. Tourmaline: magical properties

Although when we talk about the properties of Tourmaline, the first thing we think of is its effects on negative energies, it has other properties such as:

  • The favoring of personal growth, allowing the transformation of behavioral patterns.
  • It serves to develop psychic and meditative faculties.
  • It sharpens intuition in certain circumstances and helps in making important decisions.
  • Likewise, combining it with Citrine can increase its protective effects.
  • Finally, another of its uses is that it helps to prevent the evil eye, although the best way to avoid this is to remove it from the sight of others.

A little trick is that, for greater usefulness, it is recommended that it is always in direct contact with the skin, creating a magnetic field capable of repelling any type of external energy.

We hope you liked the blog about Tourmaline as much as we did! Visit the and find our two necklaces of the verbena collection made of Tourmaline and the Flaming earrings!



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