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Sapphire gemstone: What is Sapphire?

Sapphire is a corundum mineral very characteristic for its incredible bluish color, although there are many more varieties of this less common mineral of other colors.

Discover Sapphire, the blue gemstone

Being one of the stones with more history and history, as well as one of the best known, the Sapphire is a very special stone. Discover all about Sapphire in this post.


1. What are Sapphires?

Possibly, you are wondering what a sapphire is. Its name Sapphire comes from the Latin "sappheiros" which means blue.

Sapphire is a highly valued gemstone. It is characterized as we said above by its blue color, however, it is not the only color that exists, as it can be presented in colors such as yellow, pink or white.

However, it is worth noting that the most valued Sapphire of all in its colors are the velvet blue Sapphires.

As a curiosity, it is one of the hardest minerals presenting a hardness of 9 out of 10, being diamond the hardest mineral with a hardness of 10 out of 10.

Sapphire brilliant gemstone

2. Chemical composition of Sapphires

Both Sapphire and Ruby with varieties of aluminum oxide crystals known in the field as Coridon. This crystal contains traces of chromium, iron and titanium, which provide the origin of such vibrant colors as sapphire blue.


Sapphire Origin

The origin of Sapphire is in Sri Lanka located in a small town known as Ceylon, where you can find the oldest Sapphire mine in the world.

Although many other Sapphire deposits can be found in countries such as China, Tanzania, Madagascar, Kenya, Laos, Cambodia or Thailand.

Sapphires can also be found in Australia, however they are not very demanded minerals due to their dark and greenish color.

Since the 1990s, Madagascar has become the main Sapphire exporting country, accounting for 20% of the world's Sapphires.

Sapphire at source, Sapphire deposit


4. Sapphire History

There have been many stories that have revolved around a stone as famous as the Sapphire. One of the most romantic stories of the Sapphire and that continues to happen is that it is one of the most symbolic stones of commitment that is why it is usually given in marriage proposals being a great symbol of love.

In the past, it was also believed to be the stone of heaven due to its bluish color, which is why it was mentioned several times in the Bible as the stone that crowned the throne of God.

One of the most interesting stories about Sapphire is about the most expensive Sapphire in the world. The most expensive Sapphire in the world is known as the Adam's Star was valued between 100 and 350 million dollars and the identity of its owner is not known. This Sapphire was purchased at auction by an anonymous buyer who did not disclose the amount paid for this Star Sapphire.

The most expensive Sapphire in the world

5. Properties and characteristics of Sapphire

The property of sapphire is wisdom. Sapphire as one of the most important stones linked to many beliefs is believed to be the stone of wisdom transmitting to its possessor one of the wisest minds.

On the other hand, in terms of its natural properties, Sapphire can be classified according to its natal characteristics:

  • Star sapphire: presents an optical illusion known as asterism.
  • Eastern sapphire: it is the most brilliant variety of this mineral and its name comes from the origin that it can be found in the Middle East.
  • Transparent sapphire: crystallized and colorless color.
  • Padparascha Sapphire: this is the most sought after Sapphire in the sector, mostly from Sri Lanka, with a very vibrant color.

Types of Sapphires that exist


6. Sapphire Jewelry

In LAVANI, we have 2 very exclusive jewels made from Sapphire.

First of all, the Birthstone Ring, and yes, Sapphire is nothing more and nothing less than the stone of all those born in the month of September. So, we created a very elegant and beautiful ring in gold with a 22 karat gold plating and the Sapphire.

Ring which is made of Sapphire gemstone

Secondly, we have a very fun and customizable collection such as Fragment necklaces. These necklaces are half halves that you can combine with other types of stones or with golden chains, in this case, we want to show you our of Sapphire precious for any time of the year.

Buy necklace made of Sapphire gemstone from LAVANI Jewels


7. How to care for Sapphire

How to take care of a Sapphire stone? One of the most positive things about Sapphire is that its care is very easy.

Being such a resistant mineral, Sapphire can be cleaned normally using both steam and ultrasound.


Blue Sapphire is a historic gemstone that will increase in value as the years go by, due to its scarcity and high demand in the market. It is an incredible stone very difficult to match that we know will last in time, being a classic in jewelry forever.


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