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Mother of pearl Stone Meaning: What is Nacre?

Today, in Stone Stories, we are going to tell you how one of the most precious and mesmerizing stones you will ever see on earth is formed. And you will literally never be able to see it on land because this stone is formed in one of the most special places on this planet: the sea.

Discover what is Abalone Nacre, the properties of Abalone Nacre and everything about this special stone.

I am sure that if there is any sea lover reading us you have already guessed what stone I am talking about.... ABALONE MOTHER-OF-PEARL!

This very special stone is formed in the living place of a mollusk, doesn't it sound interesting? How such an unusual place can form such an amazing stone Let's start with the post!


1. What is Nacre?

Mother-of-pearl is the inner layer of some bivalve and gastropod shells, consolidated, hard, white and shiny with iridescent reflections. It is formed by hexagonal platelets of aragonite. It is a very appreciated semiprecious stone that is used in many accessories.

natural mother-of-pearl earrings LAVANI Jewels


Natural mother-of-pearl: formation

The abalone nacre is formed in the depths of the sea, because the ones in charge of its production, as we said before, are the mollusks, specifically the abalone mollusk, Haliotis. And it is inside the shell of these mollusks where the incredible stone is created.

These mollusks are found around the coastal areas of all continents, but are especially abundant in Oceania, Africa, Asia and the Japanese archipelago.

The inside of the shells of these special mollusks forms a stone that is as vibrant as it is luminous. The abalone mother-of-pearl is so special because it is formed to the rhythm of nature, as if the waves, the light that crosses the sea and the vibrant colors hidden under the water have been captured in the shells of these mollusks.

Mother-of-pearl spiritual significance


3. Mother-of-pearl meaning and legend

The abalone mother-of-pearl has several legends throughout time, as it has been a very relevant stone for several tribes throughout history. We go back to Southeast Asia in 1500 B.C., specifically to the Polynesian tribe, which extended towards the Pacific Ocean, establishing their life in small islands distributed throughout this ocean. For this tribe the sea was everything and that is why the abalone mother-of-pearl represented the Great Goddess of the Pacific Ocean.

The Amerindians, i.e. the classical Indians, who lived in North America, also made use of the properties of abalone. This tribe built objects for sacred rituals and to purify in them, calling the abalone mother-of-pearl the Mother of Pearl.

Finally, another very famous tribe in history that used abalone were the Mayas. They used the stone for dental implants, which only the most powerful of the tribe could boast, being an object of power and divinity.

Texture and properties of mother-of-pearl stone


4. Mother-of-pearl color and appearance

As for the appearance of abalone mother-of-pearl, it reflects very vibrant colors, which form different circular lines in each of the stones, so no two are alike. In addition, iridescent tones can be observed in mother-of-pearl stones, with colors such as blue, pink, purple, green or even black.

iridescent mother-of-pearl color

5. Mother-of-pearl mental healing properties

As for the various healing properties of abalone mother-of-pearl metals, one of the most characteristic is the balance, the balance of the feelings we want with those we have. Also, it causes an increase in tolerance, reducing stress, anxiety and promoting responsibility in our actions.

mental healing properties of mother-of-pearl


6. Nacre physical healing properties

Other properties of abalone due to its marine origin, it is said to increase water circulation through the body. Also, it stimulates and protects our digestive system. And, it helps with fever, eye pain and stimulates calcium in the bones.

7. Mother-of-Pearl Horoscope

No other horoscopes could be benefited by this sea mother-of-pearl stone than the water horoscopes: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. It is said that water horoscope people let their emotions flow, creating chaos in their feelings, that is why the abalone stone will help to create a balance in their emotions and to manage them.

8. Mother-of-pearl spiritual meaning

This stone acts as a balance in life itself representing intuition. It is also considered one of the stones representing femininity. It is closely related to the moon and in fact, it could be in charge of the formation of the waves that are attracted by the moon, being the connecting stone between the sea and the moon.

9. LAVANI Mother-of-Pearl Jewelry

At Lavani, we select the Abalone stone for the most hypnotic and marine jewelry. We show you some examples of jewelry and how to work the mother-of-pearl to get a special piece.

Among the , the Lavani mother-of-pearl earrings, we highlight the Maldives multicolor, which represent the sea in capital letters, their circular shapes remind us of the waves, shells and walks on the beach after a long day of sun, as well as the Ocean earrings that pay tribute to the shell in which our Abalone stone is born.

In the latest Le Tarot, one of the most representative jewels of the collection, the strength card, uses abalone as a base, and without a doubt, it is going to be one of the hits of the collection due to the vibrant blue and green that this stone gives off.

10. How to keep our Abalone mother-of-pearl jewelry clean

To clean the abalone mother-of-pearl there is nothing better than using one of its origins, sea salt water. Take a cloth and moisten it with sea salt water. Now go scrubbing little by little the part of the jewel made with abalone mother-of-pearl, do it as long as you think it is necessary until its aspect improves. Be careful not to touch the gold plated parts when doing this process. If it is too complicated, simply wipe with a cloth with normal water.

Very important, mother-of-pearl is not a friend of any acid so do not clean this stone with lemon, vinegars, or even alcohols, and do not even think of applying perfume while wearing the stone as it is very delicate.


It is amazing how the sea is in charge of forming this special stone, isn't it? Without a doubt, nature is the most powerful energy of all. This is the Abalone Mother-of-Pearl, one of the most vibrant and enchanting sea stones you will ever see.




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