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Cat's eye: properties of the stone

All our Lavani jewelry is made of noble materials and natural stones, that's why we are passionate about knowing everything about them, such as cat's eye.

Do you know the wonderful properties of cat's eye?

You can't miss them! Continue reading...

Cat's Eye Stone

The cat's eye or chrysoberyl is a mixture of several minerals, among which quartz is the main component. Its name is due to the fact that the reflection of light on the stone traces a thin line in its middle, resembling the retina of a cat. In ancient India it was used as a protective amulet for soldiers.

 Cat's eye properties

2. Cat's Eye Stone: properties

  • Mental and spiritual properties

Cat's eye is linked to chakra number 6, used in meditations and deep relaxation sessions, it promotes personal confidence, serenity and inner peace, and enhances intuition.

It is a stone that stands out for its contribution to mental and spiritual balance as it removes negative energies, diseases and bad influences, leading to a state of relaxation, peace, tranquility and self-control.

If we keep our cat's eye close we will enjoy the strength of spirit it offers, a property acquired thanks to its great hardness, which represents an 8.5 out of 10.

The cat's eye is a stone that in many cultures is given as a gift to children or business people for two reasons:

It is given to children because in some cultures it is believed that this stone is able to prevent accidents, and that it enhances concentration and success in life.

For this last reason it is also given to business people, to attract luck and success to their companies and work projects.

  • Physical properties

Cat's eye, and specifically, chrysoberyl, is used to ward off diseases and acts to heal eye problems, and also in problems related to the brain and breathing.

It is a stone that stimulates the brain and, therefore, it is believed to open the mind, enhancing creativity. It is also used in many cases to combat or prevent depression, recovering vitality and will.

Cat's eye stands out for its healing properties in eye disorders, it is believed to heal eye problems and can even improve our night vision. Although for eye problems, we always recommend the medical expertise of a professional, accompanied by this healing stone.

 Cat's eye stone

To take advantage of the physical and spiritual properties of cat's eye, the stone must be cared for and kept in good condition. Despite its hardness, it is recommended to avoid scratching it so that it does not lose its properties by keeping it in a small box without other objects.

If, on the other hand, we prefer to wear it as jewelry, it is recommended to wear it on the right side of the body to be more effective.


3. Cat's Eye Stone: relationship with Gemini

If like us, you are passionate about the zodiac and all that it hides, the cat's eye will interest you a lot, because this stone is related to Gemini.

Those born between May 21 and June 21 have many qualities such as duality of mind and knowing things from both sides, and the cat's eye reflects this quality, as it is divided by a white band running through the whole stone, having two sides.

It is believed that the qualities and properties of the cat's eye are reflected in the Gemini personality.

 Cat's eye stone properties

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