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Topaz, precious stone

Does Topaz deserve to be talked about a little bit? Well, for us, as you know, lovers of stones and their incredible characteristics, it was just when the process of design and production of the Birthstone ring collection began when we discovered that the Topaz world held much more than we thought.

Find out all about Topaz and the jewelry you can wear it with!

Blue topaz gemstone

Topaz is presented as one of the gemstones par excellence. And why is that? Well, thanks to its hardness and beautiful colors, combined with an affordable availability on the market, the range of infinite possibilities that open up to it has everything but limits!

Read on and find out all about Blue Topaz!

1. What is Topaz?

Topaz is a mineral belonging to the silicate mineral division known as nesosilicates, characterized, above all, by its high hardness and durability, which, together with its fame and beauty par excellence, make it a particularly wear-resistant and popular gemstone.

In addition, the multitude of colors it offers depending on the temperature at which the stone is found, allows it to be used as a substitute for other precious stones such as diamonds.

Currently, the world's largest deposit of Topaz is located in Brazil. However, this does not imply that it cannot be found elsewhere, as it can be found in other places such as Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan, USA or Sri Lanka.

2. Meaning of Topaz

Although there are different meanings that can be attributed to Topaz, one thing is certain and that is that, popularly, it is thought that its name comes from the Topazos Island, located in the Red Sea, where one of the most important deposits of this gemstone is found.

Regarding its meaning, some say that Topaz means fire, whose name was given to it because of the color of the imperial topaz, characterized by its orange and reddish tones. However, in the case of the Greek language, it means to search.

Likewise, it is also known as "the stone of true love and the success of all efforts" that symbolizes finding true love, both as a couple and among friends and family and that makes it the ideal piece to wear for people who strive hard to see their efforts rewarded and achieve their goals and objectives.

3. Properties of Topaz

Like other types of gemstones, Topaz has some interesting properties that are worth highlighting. It is associated with the third Chakra identified with joy, creativity, generosity and abundance.

Moreover, it is not only on a physical level, but the benefits of Topaz can also be glimpsed on a mental level and can be used to overcome limitations, barriers and obstacles, as well as an amulet of openness, sincerity and truth.

In the same way, the Topaz allows to increase self-knowledge and to inquire into one's own life, increasing self-confidence and self-assurance. Therefore, it is also the ideal stone for those who are afraid of making mistakes to gain strength and freedom. As well as for those with worries in the head that keep them uneasy and need moments of calm.

Also, not only does it have spiritual properties, but this gemstone helps to combat other medical conditions such as headaches, headaches and migraines, joint diseases, improves taste buds, relieves asthma episodes etc.

4. Topaz Colors

As we mentioned before, in LAVANI we have focused our attention on the Blue Topaz, because something that we find really interesting is that, depending on the temperature to which the stone is exposed, the color will be different, each one having different meanings.

Blue: Blue Topaz is one of the most common in the market and is connected with the improvement for meditation and connection with oneself. Likewise, it is considered to be endowed with oratory skills allowing to develop leadership or public speaking abilities.

Yellow: Yellow topaz acts as a charge of faith and optimism, being connected with aiding personal growth. In addition, yellow topaz redirects the powers to attract positivity and the right things into one's life, as well as being known as an important lucky charm.

Pink: Pink Topaz is not as abundant as the rest as it is only found in places like Brazil, Pakistan and Russia. In addition, regarding its properties, it is ideal to combat stress, as well as myopia.

White: The colorless or white Topaz, often confused with diamond, has the purpose of protection, in addition to providing its owner with good health and emotional balance.

Topaz colored gemstone

5. How to clean Topaz

Being the Topaz a very resistant and durable gemstone, whose wear takes a long time to be noticed, it will not require as much frequency in its cleaning as other types of stones. However, it may be that, with the passage of time, the stone becomes dirty and loses some of its luster (especially if it is a ring).

In this case, a good way to clean the jewelry is to mix 60 ml of gel with 300 ml of water, stir and, once the foam comes out, let the ring sit in the mixture for 25-40 minutes. After this time, with a toothbrush wrapped in gauze, gently clean the ring. Then, rinse the product with water and dry it.

Our personal recommendation is that you repeat this process once every month or two months in order to keep your jewelry looking its best and delay wear as long as possible.

6. Jewelry with Topaz by LAVANI

And, after discovering all this about Topazes, how can we not share with you our love for them?

For those who love pendants, options such as the Blue composed of a medal decorated with a special and distinctive touch thanks to the dark Blue Topaz that marks its central axis, as well as the Zodiac decorated with small light blue Topazes.

For those of you who are more into earrings, options such as the blue René decorated with dark blue Topaz gemstones and with an elegant and sophisticated touch, can be a very good option. And the Cirse fan with small blue topaz are ideal to stand out in any event.

Finally, without forgetting the rings, finer variants such as the Alisa ring, as well as yellow Topaz ring o blueThese rings can be the ideal complement to complete any of our looks.

Enter our website and discover all the options that exist for you to wear Topazes! https://lavanijewels.com/


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