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How to tell if a quartz is authentic

There are many scams that revolve around quartz stone the quartz stonePeople do not really know how to differentiate a genuine quartz from a fake one.

Discover with LAVANI how to know if a quartz is genuine or not.

If you are not sure if the quartz you are going to buy or a quartz you have had for a long time is a real quartz or just a small piece of crystal, pay attention to these simple steps to know if a quartz stone is authentic.

Simple necklace made of quartz



  1. Search for air bubbles 

  2. Testing the hardness of quartz 

  3. Observing the sky through your quartz stone


Let's start with everything you need to know to know if a quartz is authentic.


1. Look for air bubbles to know if your quartz is authentic

One of the most interesting properties of quartz that can get you out of the trouble of knowing if the quartz is authentic is the absence of bubbles inside the mineral.

In nature, quartz is found in very diverse forms having imperfections, however, if you observe that the imperfections are very round... they are bubbles! Bubbles are a clear symbol that we are not in front of a quartz but a simple crystal.

Detail of quartz imperfections


2. Check the hardness of the quartz to know if it is genuine. 

If you are still not sure if your quartz has bubbles or imperfections, another essential step to know if your stone is a quartz is to check its hardness.

To do this, take any type of glass and try to scratch it with your quartz. If the glass scratches it will be a quartz, but if it does not scratch or it is hard enough, you will be in front of a false quartz.

Multicolor quartz ring


3. Observe the sky through your quartz stone to know if it is authentic. 

Another simple way to know if your quartz is genuine is to check the translucency of the quartz.

Quartz has a very curious property: the polarization of light.

Therefore, the last simple way to check the authenticity of a quartzis by observing the sky through our stone. If when observing the sky you notice that when you move the quartz the color tones change, you will have in your hands an original quartz if, on the contrary, when looking through the quartz you observe a uniform color of the sky, suspect the veracity of your quartz.

Gold and silver chain with colored quartz as charm


Undoubtedly, these are some super simple tricks to check the authenticity of quartz. We are sure that, with them, you will be able to know right away if your quartz is original or a simple glass.

Share with us more tricks if you know other ways to unmask fake quartz.

Just in case you are interested in buying a piece of jewelry with real quartz, here are some ideas and 100% authentic LAVANI creations.




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