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Spring wedding guest looks 2023

There are many of you #LAVANIGirls who have a wedding this spring and are thinking about what to wear. look you should go for this spring 2023.


The reality is that, with the new normal getting closer and closer, brands have set to work creating many types of spring guest looks for the events coming this season.


Therefore, today we come to compile and show you which are the looks that are going to succeed, what are the spring guest trends and how you can choose weddinglook depending on the type of ceremony you are going to attend .... Including the earrings to be the perfect guest!


1. Elegant wedding guest look

When we talk about elegant weddings we refer to all those religious weddings with a protocol and a demanding dress code, that is to say, that must be followed. These are sophisticated and very classic ceremonies.

That is why we recommend you to choose a royal or traditional style, choosing neutral colors such as navy blue, beige, white (if the bride allows it), black, bougainvillea or red. Of course, choose a midi cut as it will give a classic and demure touch.

To give you an idea, from the hand of a woman representative of aristocracy and elegance, we show you this Tamara Falcó wedding guestlook that would be perfect for this type of wedding, in classic red, midi cut, a special fabric and the touch of puffed sleeves.

Tamara Falcó guest in red dress

In this case we believe that Tamara would be missing some earrings that would give the final touch to Tamara, such as, for example, the Alhambra Red earrings that, without a doubt, would make a look that in itself is already great, would have that distinctive and special touch.


2. Short dress for informal wedding

When the bride and groom tell us about their idea of a wedding as a more casual wedding, they mean that you avoid any type of look especially elegant or conventional. They want a different kind of wedding that is relaxed and fun.

This does not mean that we have to go with sneakers or jeans, but we can use less formal clothes combined with accessories to get a different touch.

You can opt for a mini dress, a special blouse with straight pants, a top with palazzo pants using bright colors that represent spring.

We can take as an example, Marta Pombo's wedding, where her sister, Maria Pombo wore a super simple mini dress with a very bright color.

Maria Pombo mini guest dress

To make it a look completely different, you can choose a protagonist accessory, such as a headband, a handbag or earrings like for example the Portobello multicolor guest earringswhich are a real knockout.


3. Rural wedding natural guest look

For a rural wedding that is set in nature and is located in the countryside, we recommend that you opt for outfits with fabrics such as linen or prints.

In particular, for a rural wedding there is no better print than the vichy, a classic that will always be in trend. We have found a perfect orange guest outfit for spring that we love from a Spanish brand called Barey Collection.

Vichy Barey Collection Set

Undoubtedly, this outfit would go great with earrings that break with the print, like the LAVANIBlondie in gold.


4. Bohemian wedding: bohemian style guest

Bohemian weddings are the latest trend and we are sure that many of you are going to have one 100%. For those of you who don't know where to go with this kind of ceremonies, to give you an idea here you can see one of the most viral weddings of a few years ago of the influencer Gotzon Mantuliz that was super original and different, amazing.

Bohemian Wedding Influencer Gotzón

For those of you who have this type of wedding this spring, we recommend you to choose prints, polka dots, stripes or lace that will make you go with the atmosphere that will be breathed that day.

For example, this Massimo Duitti dress in prints would be perfect for this type of wedding, although.... BEWARE! As your style is already very ornate, we recommend that you opt for some simple accessories that bring light, such as the Jacket Billy by LAVANI Jewels.

Bohemian long printed dress Massimo Dutti


5. Long dress look for evening wedding

For evening weddings we recommend long dresses in pastel colors or floral prints. We leave you here below a proposal of a perfect dress for evening weddings that we fell in love with, in a pastel green color and with beautiful ruffles.

H&M Ruffles Guest Dress

To give the final touch, go for a complement that gives a lot of brightness as for example the The Justice spring wedding guest earrings for wedding guests from the new collection Le Tarot.


With all the types of weddings that exist today we have no doubt that we have left out some type of wedding that is sure to be celebrated this spring 2023 but we hope that at least with these trends you can get inspired to choose your wedding guest look for this spring 2023. Don't forget to tag us on Insta!


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