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Pale Pink color: Pink earrings for wedding look

Do you already have your 2023 wedding look? Choose pale pink for your wedding looks. A classic that has never gone away and with which you will be 100% right.

We discover the perfect pink earrings for your pale pink wedding looks that will triumph.

The pale pink color looks great on all skin types, but especially on blonde girls as this color will bring sweetness, although brunette girls will also look great, as their skin will make a beautiful contrast with the color.

Today we have come to talk about how to combine your pale pink looks with pink earrings in the same shades. To do so, we are going to show you some pastel pink looks combining them with the most trendy pink earrings from LAVANI Jewels. You will triumph with our inspiring looks!


1. Large earrings in pale pink with pink satin dress

Big golden earrings are your perfect allies for your pale pink look. They will add a very special touch of light as well as taking the spotlight of the look making it unique.

From LAVANI, we would like to recommend the Persia gold with small stones in pastel pink and combine it with a simple dress or suit in the color of the summer, pastel pink.

To make it easy for you we want to show you this one from Lady Pipa, a midi dress in pastel tones with straps for weddings in the most sweltering days of July and August. The mix&match of both will blow your mind!

Pale pink satin guest dress with large gold and pink earrings



2. Pink climbing earrings & pink mini dress with feathers

If you like pinkish and simple earrings, we recommend you to choose climbing or climber earrings with small shiny gemstones in nude tones that, as it could not be otherwise, are formed by the pale pink color. To give you an idea, the Irina climbertitleearringstitle would be the perfect recreation of what we are talking about.

You can combine these simple and small earrings with a more daring pale pink look. For example, a dress with a sweeping trend like feathers in mini cut and halter neck like this one would be the perfect choice.

Pastel pink climbing earrings with mini feather graduation dress


3. Bubblegum pink hoop earrings and pale pink jumpsuit

Pink hoop earrings may look casual but in some guest looks they give us the perfect touch of naturalness and fun, which can be essential for us to look different and on trend. For example, these big hoopin pale pink are the spitting image of what we told you.

You can combine them with a simple but youthful look like a jumpsuit in the same pink color, such as this multi-position jumpsuit. We think it's the perfect wedding look for the youngest and funniest guests.

Bubble gum pink hoop earrings with pink single jumpsuit multiposition for wedding guest


4. Pale pink dangling earrings and pink look with bangs

Pale pink dangling earrings are the perfect complement for a wedding look. At LAVANI, we have the Nefertiti, earrings with geometric shapes in gold and large stones in pink colors. We love them!

Combine this type of forfor wedding guests with a look with some bohemian touches like this strapless dress with bangs in pastel pink, an ideal and very trendy look for a pink wedding guest!

Pink dangling earrings with nude fringed dress


5. Marble pink earrings with elegant pink dress

Very different bubblegum pink earrings available at LAVANI Jewels, are the pink Marble, because its stone reminds us of a marble pattern in pale pink. Have you ever seen anything like it?

Combine these pink marble earrings with a dress of the same shades. In this case, we want to show you a Zara dress, that is, a more low cost version that we find very elegant and sophisticated, and that will combine 10 with the pink marble earrings.

Pale pink pleated dress with pink marble earrings


6. Pale pink zirconia earrings & pink evening look with sequins

Finally, we do not want to forget all those evening events that require earrings made of zirconia that do not stop shining. For this, we want to show you the Bella longin pale pink, sophisticated and elegant, with details in gold.

For this occasion, we recommend you to take a risk, since being an evening event or wedding we can give ourselves the pleasure of wearing a lot of glitter. Therefore, we want to show you this dress that combines amazing with our earrings: a pastel pink sequin dress from Asos.

Long guest earrings with pink zirconia & pink sequins dress


We have to say that we are big lovers of pastel pink! It is the color that defines our brand and has been with us at LAVANI since our beginnings. A color full of sweetness, love and femininity, just as we define ourselves.

What has been your favorite bet? We are sure that these pastel pink wedding looks will have inspired you for all your events. Don't forget to tag us on our networks @lavani.jewels so we can see your ideas of pastel pink looks with .


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