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Earrings greens: matching green wedding dresses

Our favorite time of the year is here! After the pandemic finally comes the spring-summer (and even autumn and winter) of 2023 loaded with a thousand events and weddings.... how we were looking forward to it!

We know that, just like us, the Lavani Girls were looking forward to wearing your best looks and jewelry again and, therefore, in this blog we bring you the latest trends in earrings. Today we focus on a very special color, green. This is the color of hope, it reminds us of nature and gives us vitality and, in short, a very successful color for this year 2023.

Wear green! Discover the perfect green dress earrings for weddings 2023

You already know that accessories are always the final and definitive touch so we present you the guide to include green jewelry in your guest outfit, to become the best dressed. And if it is with our earrings for green dresses, even better. Enjoy all the shades of this color and create with LAVANI Jewels the best looks of green wedding dresses.

Let's get started!

dark green earrings design LAVANI Jewels for guest dress 2022


LAVANI Jewels aqua green earrings for guest of LAVANI Jewels

1. Aqua green for guest looks

Aquamarine green is the ideal shade for a summer wedding. Beach weddings are becoming more and more fashionable and going with dresses that remind us of the sea will be the perfect choice. To combine this bright and special color we have several options:

Aqua green earrings for green guest looks and sea green dress shoes

earrings for aquamarine guest dress by LAVANI Jewels

The first proposal is to choose earrings for aqua green dress in the same tone and create a monochrome look. You can achieve this effect with the Aquamarine. They are golden hoop earrings starring a white mother-of-pearl flower and natural stones in the shape of a leaf in aquamarine tones. This piece has a lot of movement and will become your best ally in the most special occasions. In short, the perfect accessory to combine with your aqua green wedding dress.

The second proposal of accessories for an aqua green dress are the Liliana Fuchsia earrings. The idea is to create color contrasts to highlight your look with a water green wedding dress, the bougainvillea color and the water green create a beautiful color effect that will illuminate you completely. These bougainvillea colored earrings are long and are composed of strips of semi-precious stone beads, a piece made with high quality handcrafted jewelry techniques.

2. Khaki green for guest looks

If you are going to choose khaki green for your guest look you have to keep in mind that this shade of green is quite dark and can be a bit dull, so the best option is to combine it with gold and green earrings that give light to your face.

Green wedding guest dresses and green party earrings

The Eclectic Shine Big Green Shine are classic earrings but full of shiny green zirconia. They are very comfortable and light so you can wear them throughout the event without any discomfort, you won't even know you're wearing them!

In addition, you can complete the look with the Terr Verde ring, also full of green zirconia in spiral shape. With this combination of green dress accessories you will shine and become the center of attention.

3. Bottle green for guest looks

Bottle green can also be a dark color for a summer wedding, so we recommend using the contrast technique. With Lavani Mars earrings you will get a very explosive look with a green dress and fuchsia accessories. In case the wedding you are invited to is at any other time of the year, don't worry, you will succeed 100% with your bottle green look.

and green for green guest looks

bougainvillea and green long earrings for guests LAVANI Jewels

A maxi piece of bougainvillea and green earrings with natural stones in geometric shapes. They are finished in 24 carat gold and are an exclusive design by Lavani Jewels.

Another option is to use several accessories for bottle green dresses in the same tones. We present you the Malta, long bottle green earrings with chains with which you will get a sophisticated and elegant style. You can combine these earrings with a simple bottle green necklace, for example, the Petra Verde necklace would be a good choice.

4. Lime green for guest looks

If you like to take risks you have probably chosen a lime green color for your dress, a very striking tone but sometimes we find it a little difficult to combine. If you are one of those who wonder what color goes best with green, don't worry! In this section we give you the key to combine your lime green dress with the best accessories.

What to combine a lime green dress with

We recommend you to use earrings of a more minimalist or small style, the color of the dress already draws enough attention so to avoid overloading the look it is better to choose simple accessories. The Green piercing set includes three simple but very bright pieces with green zirconia.

Green dress complements

Lia Verde earrings will also be a good choice for green daytime wedding dresses. Small earrings with a square natural stone in the center, a simple but special piece that will look great with dresses in bright green tones.

5. Dark green for guest looks

Dark green is a very elegant shade ideal for evening weddings, we present you the accessories for green dress for evening weddings.

mint green earrings exclusive design by LAVANI Jewels

Green guest dress

The Green Alhambra are a golden piece inspired by La Alhambra with a green stone on top. Gold is the ideal color to brighten up your dark green wedding dress.

You can also give the final touch to your dark green dress look with a golden chocker, this piece will stylize your neck and neckline. Discover the Judy chocker on our website and become the best dressed guest with our gold accessories.

6. Emerald green for guest looks

Emerald green earrings and how to match an emerald green dress

Finally, we show you several emerald green earrings. We show you how to combine them with your emerald green dress and complete the look with other accessories such as a shawl.

emerald green guest earrings LAVANI Jewels

If you are wearing a dress with straps, an emerald green dress shawl will be the best option, with this piece you will give your look the elegant touch that a wedding requires.

Combine the shawl and your emerald green guest dress with Fez earrings, made with natural zirconia and gold plated have a unique and special shape. The very subtle green tone of the zirconia will look great with your emerald green dress.



We hope you liked our proposals of earrings for green dress and now you have more clear how to combine your complete LAVANI Jewels with the different shades of green. We would love to see how you wear our jewelry in the most special occasions, so remember to tag us on instagram!


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