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Stone Stories: Opal

The stone that we are revealing today is unique but not completely known, so we want to give you some special information so that you can get to know it in depth.

Do you already know which stone we are talking about today?

We are talking about the...


  • Training:

Australia is the source of 95% of the opal mined. This stone is obtained from sedimentary rocks, where the opal is found filling cavities or veins, and from here it is extracted manually, obtaining the raw stone. In addition, other sources of extraction are: Brazil, Ethiopia and Mexico.

  • Caption:

For the Greeks and Romans, opal had properties such as premonition or attracting fortune, but this began to change and it started to be related to witchcraft and the idea that it could produce death. Why? Everything has an explanation. According to legend, King Alfonso XII fell in love with Virginia, a countess with whom he did not have a happy ending, because he ended up marrying Mª Mercedes, his cousin. Virginia, upset and disappointed, decided to offer the king as a wedding gift an opal and gold ring that legend has it was poisoned: every person who wore it, ended up dying (from Maria Mercedes to the sister of King Alfonso XII, Maria Pilar). But how did this jewel cease to be cursed? It was his sister-in-law Mª Cristina who had the jewel blessed and transformed into a pendant to be taken to the Virgin of the Almudena, where this curse ended.

  • Aspect:

Opal can have an infinite variety of colors, being white, gray, yellow, green, blue...or even colorless. In addition, we should also note that they can range from almost transparent to completely opaque. The opal options we have are endless, and we love that.

  • Mental healing properties:

Opal is also known as "the stone of artists", so it will stimulate your creativity, your originality and boost your self-esteem. It is an intensifying stone, so it will enhance your emotional states and potential.

  • Physical healing properties:

It will protect you if you carry it with you or, in other words, it will help you to improve sleep-related problems, relax your nervous system and make you feel less pressure in your daily life.

  • Horoscope:

Truth be told, opal can work for almost any zodiac sign (Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius especially) and for those born in October. Opal will help you to better manage your freedom, concentrate more easily and escape from problems more quickly.

  • Fun fact:

Although it is believed to be a mineral, it cannot be considered as such because of its components; however, this is unknown to most stone lovers.

  • Jewellery Lavani:

We are sure that the best way to wear opal is on your ears: you will get a unique and original touch with your Earrings Azahar, and if you want to wear them with summer dresses and more elegant clothes, we present you the Earrings Madeira: a very summery combination.

  • How to keep our Opal jewellery clean:

We bring you some tips that you probably didn't know to take care of this unique stone. The more you wear it, the more cared for it will be! Yes, as you read: exposing the opal to the humidity of the air and our own body will keep them hydrated and maintain their initial color. However, do not clean them with chemicals or vibration, because it can crack them and water can damage the opal permanently.

Did you know that there are stones that get better the more we wear them? It's time to wear Opal!

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