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The coolest jewellery combinations

Nowadays it is trendy to combine jewelry. More and more we can see how rings invade the hands or how several necklaces are worn at the same time. But how can I combine my favorite jewelry without overloading my look? In today's blog post, we offer you a series of tips.
Layering: combination of several collars at different heights
First of all, how we combine our rings is essential since it is one of the jewelry that usually stands out at first sight. A very good option is to wear basic rings or rings with small details on one hand, and on the other a larger ring that stands out on its own. For example, how about this selection: our well-known Idol ring together with models such as the or Kyra . This base combination is perfect, because starting from the same, if the look requires it, you can then add color either with natural stone rings like our Kasia, Moonlight or Stardust Rings; or add a different touch, more alternative and vintage with our Stamp model.
Secondly, wearing several necklaces is becoming more and more trendy. The combination of this jewelry looks spectacular. Wearing a chocker or short necklace, along with a longer chain and with one or more elements hanging from it is the best option. Wearing this combination with a dress, shirt or V-neck sweater, gets such a flattering effect that can transform a look completely bringing youth and novelty. A combination that we love is the Niagara chocker that is glued to the neck with the Itzia that hangs quite a bit, and if you are daring, you can add our Pride Mini in the middle.
In addition, at Lavani we wanted to go a step further and created a "3 in 1" pendant, that is, three chains joined together to create the perfect combination of several pendants. A trend united in a single piece of jewelry, it's one of our favorites!
Finally, if you are looking to combine your favorite earrings, the solution is as simple as it is flattering... Piercings! A modern option that will help you bring color and life to your looks. In Lavani we have a section of piercings that we are sure you will fall in love with, and if you don't have a piercing... don't worry! We also have earcuffs for those who don't need them. 
And you, do you like to combine your favorite rings, necklaces and earrings? We invite you to tag us in your photos with the combination of your coolest Lavani jewelry, we love to see you #lavanigirls!
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