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Graduation Guide: Find the perfect earrings

Graduations are one of the most anticipated events of the year. They symbolize the beginning of a new and important stage in life. Whether you are the protagonist or one of the guests, it is important to know what is the best thing to wear on this occasion.

Discover with LAVANI Jewels which are going to be the graduation looks that will sweep from a 4th grade graduation to a college graduation.

We've had these special moments on hold for over a year and now the events have piled up: your own graduation, your sister's, your friends'? Today we bring you the graduation looks for you all to shine!


1. Graduation suit: formal and discrete

One of the key elements to go perfect are the accessories that will accompany you. The trouser suit and jacket is a trend. We can find this set in all shapes and textures. It is a very versatile look in which you can take a risk and be the center of attention or, on the contrary, go classic and formal, showing a seriousness and elegance according to the occasion.

This look is perfect for a college graduation look, as it will give us a touch of formality and elegance, perfect for the older graduates.

The suits shine by themselves, therefore, one of the best options is to accompany them with more discreet accessories. In case you are looking for a discreet but groundbreaking jewel, one of the best options we offer you are our . This is a sophisticated model but at the same time brings a casual air. They are composed of chains, one of the most current trends with a moonstone at the beginning of it.

Graduation gown with golden links

On the other hand, if what you want is a more classic model, one option is our Padma or . Delicate earrings with a unique shine.

Fuchsia graduation gown with rhinestone climber earrings

Green suit with rhinestone earrings


2. Graduation jumpsuit: the piece that never fails

On the other hand, graduations are undoubtedly the perfect time to wear a jumpsuit. The use of jumpsuits is a simple way to look perfect without the need to try a thousand tops and pants that fit. In addition to being a trend in this type of events, it is one of the garments with which you can risk everything you want in accessories and shoes.

Unicolor jumpsuit with multicolor guest earrings

A long jumpsuit will always give us a very elegant touch and we think it is perfect for a graduation of 4th of ESO. The jumpsuit will bring a fun and different touch to the youngest girls, looking very flattering, trendy and comfortable at the same time.

You can combine a long unicolor jumpsuit like the one shown in the image with a large accessory such as a pair of that add a personal and distinctive touch.

Pink guest jumpsuit with pink earrings for guest


3. Short prom dress: the perfect prom look

The third option we propose is to stand out with a simple and discreet short dress with darts but without being tight. If you are a fan of dresses, this is the time. It is true that long dresses are more appropriate for events such as weddings, but dresses that are cut above the knee are perfect for graduations.

The dresses give a great versatility to the graduates, since you can choose a short one more flattering for shorter girls or a midi for taller girls. Also, it is a perfect bet as a look for any type of graduation.

Compared to jumpsuits, this is a simpler and more discreet option, but it brings the formality of a suit jacket and the jovial spirit of a jumpsuit. For both options, always taking into account the color and texture of the particular garment, accessories are the key to success. Both the Alhambra and the , and the Alhambra gold-plated stud earrings with colored stone, and the Alhambra earrings with colored stone. , Thar, bring life and shape to the look.

Short green dress with gold earrings and bracelet

Short dress for graduation of 4 that with snake earrings


4. Printed graduation outfit

The following 2023 graduation look idea is a little more daring and different than the ones seen above. We have an outfit from The-Are store. We have an asymmetrical blouse with an evasé cut and a blessing pant, a flared pant. Stylish thanks to that high waist and an elastic band at the waist.

Both garments have a stretch fabric and a bold print that gives a fun and original point to the look, then you can give it a second life and use the garments separately! Complementing this set with the earrings Sevilla, golden of a single color to not overload the look, but continuing with that bold touch of the set blouse with pants or skirt.

Pink flower earrings with top and skirt set for high school graduation

Undoubtedly, this is the perfect high school graduation look, as high school graduations are the perfect event to take a risk with the look, so the printed outfit will be the risky and on-trend look for high school graduation.


5. Red graduation looks

Any garment in red will look great, and you can add ideal accessories such as the Sofia earrings, a belt that gives a special touch or even a more formal braided updo. A look that never fails and always surprises.

Passion red dress for college graduation


Which is more your style?

Whatever you choose, don't forget to be careful with the height of your shoes - don't let the usual stairs play a trick on you! Be the perfect graduate with LAVANI, and don't forget to send us photos of this special day - we love your #lavanigirls looks!


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