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The collection of handcrafted jewellery with an organic and sculptural style created with artisan jewellery techniques.

Discover handcrafted jewelry with new golden textures, unique designs and lots of movement thanks to handcrafted jewelry.

Handcrafted jewelry

Discover the most special handcrafted jewelry.


Inspired by the ceaseless flow of life, this collection is our ode to the millenary and reserved world of handcrafted jewelry. This handcrafted jewelry design process has been created in a unique and coetaneous environment of tradition and innovation, textures and techniques that result in handcrafted and sculptural jewelry design with organic style gold jewelry.

In this collection of handmade jewelry you will find the movement that evokes the unpredictable pattern of life on its surface with a palette of gold hues to awaken your inner vigor.

Handcrafted jewelry

Discover the new textures.

The vision, design and details that characterize LAVANI, such as natural stones in exclusive designs, together with handcrafted manufacturing, give rise to a fusion of skills and experiences. A union of both styles that result in a renewing collection, different and so special: Auria.

Handmade jewelry

This handmade jewelry will captivate you: you won't be able to resist! Discover handcrafted jewelry designs in your handcrafted jewelry store: LAVANI. All of these designs are going to become your new favorite handmade jewelry. You won't resist!

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Handmade earrings online: your handcrafted jewelry store

Discover the incessant change in your handcrafted jewelry store with these handcrafted golden jewelry: handcrafted earrings online, golden rings, interlocking earrings, long earrings, chokers with stone beads and many more pieces that will make you discover a new world. 


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