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green gemstones

The green color in gemstones is the clearest representation of the great variety of colors that gemstones can acquire. Although surely, when you think of a green gemstone, one of the most representative green gemstones comes to mind: the emerald.

Find out what other green gemstones exist, what their value is and where I can find different types of green gemstones. 

However, although at first we think of emeralds, we have to tell you that there are many other types of green gemstones: more affordable, with more and less value, with less hardness, more scarce...

If you are a big fan of gemstones like us, or just want to know more about them, today you can't miss LAVANI's guide to green gemstones.


Emerald green gemstone

As you may already know, the Emerald is the most representative stone of the green gemstones, however, it is a very exclusive gemstone, due to its great value in the jewelry market, its quality, high hardness and scarcity.

Emerald green stone

It is one of the 4 most valued stones in the world, and its value increases as its scarcity increases.

It has a vibrant dark green color, with great flashes of glitter and, without a doubt, you will fall in love just by looking at it.

Emerald is found in deposits in Colombia, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Afghanistan.

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2. Peridot green stone

Peridot is a green gemstone that was confused for a long time with Emerald due to the lack of knowledge about precious crystals. Today we know more about them and we see their differences much more clearly.

Green stone Peridot clear

Peridot is a very malleable green gemstone used in jewelry, with a more affordable value than Emerald, but maintaining the level of this type of gemstone.

Its color is green with some yellowish touches, and that is the main characteristic that allows us to differentiate between Peridot and Emerald at first sight.

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3. Tourmaline green stone

Tourmaline is one of the other green gemstones used in jewelry because of the wide variety of greenish shades it can acquire.

Tourmaline green stone

There are these types of Tourmaline: Santa Rosa Tourmaline, Pirineu Tourmaline, Sapo Tourmaline, Itatiata Tourmaline and Mint Tourmaline.

Each of them has its own characteristics and peculiarities and can be presented in more colors, not only in green.

Green Tourmalines can be found in Namibia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil and Tanzania.

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4. Malachite green stone

Malachite is a well known green opaque stone. It has a unique color and opacity, without showing glazed luster.

Malachite dark green stone

In addition, it is characterized by "veins" or marks along its surface in darker shades of green, which makes it even more special and unique.

The green Malachite stone is formed with high pressures and the presence of copper over thousands of years, has a medium value and is also widely used in jewelry.

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5. Green Apatite Stone

Green Apatite gets the lightest green color of the green gemstones.

Apatite green stone

Its light green color reminds us of tree leaves and hence its great demand. It was not a very well known green stone and it is not, but it is used in jewelry as much as other more renowned stones.


These are the green stones that we use in LAVANI to create our jewelry, there are many more and many other colors. Do you want to know them? Then stay updated on the news about in our blog "The Lavazine".


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