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What stone I am according to my date of birth.

We are convinced that at some point you have asked yourself which is the stone with which you most identify yourself and feel a special connection and with which you feel a special connection, and surely this is none other than the one that represents you according to your date of birth.

What is my birthstone? Find out what stone I am according to my birth date.

Gemstones have always been related to a mystical meaning, since in astrology each month corresponds to a different gemstone, thus giving them the ability to transfer energy and being a lucky charm for those who wear them. That is why, from Lavani we want you to discover which one is yours according to your birth month, so you can always wear it with you, or even give it as a gift to someone close to you so that it can bring you all its benefits. Do you dare?

Find out what stone I am according to my birth date with this infographic on what my birthstone is.


Drawing of energy transmitting January Garnet birthstone.

If you were born in January, your stone is... Garnet! This popular semi precious stone will be your ally if you need a push to trust yourself, promoting characteristics such as vigor, strength and perseverance, helping you to achieve the desired results and success. Besides, wearing it always in your hand will help you keep the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional memories that current times prevent us from feeling again.



Drawing of the vibrations transmitted by the February birthstone Purple Amethyst

If you were born in February, your stone is... Amethyst! This precious stone, provides us with lucidity, serenity and emotional self-control, helping us to deal with insomnia or anxiety and improving our self-esteem. And, besides being a very elegant stone for its intensity, it represents a strong bond between two people, which makes it perfect for sharing your other half.



Illustration of the serenity conveyed by the aquamarine March birthstone.

If you were born in March, your stone is... Aquamarine! This precious stone helps us to face each day with energy, as it is associated with youth and vitality and therefore enhances our communication skills. In addition, if you are thinking of giving a jewel to your partner, this one is perfect: it augurs a complete and happy sentimental life.



Drawing of calm energy transmitting April Topaz birthstone ring.

If you were born in April, your stone is... White Topaz! This gemstone is considered stimulating, restorative, calming and healing, causing us to replace negativity with love, peace and joy. So, if you have someone close to you who is in a complicated process and needs an extra dose of energy (and elegance), with this gemstone you will hit the mark for sure.



Drawing of sun transmitting optimism by the emerald May birthstone.

If you were born in May, your stone is... the Emerald! This precious stone is the symbol of purity, as well as having an effect that harmonizes and neutralizes worries, tension and fears, making you make clear decisions and in an optimistic way. It also helps you to concentrate at work, so adding this stone to your basics will chase away all negative energies.



June birthstone illustration conveys happiness

If you were born in June, your stone is... the Moonstone! This gemstone is undoubtedly a classic that represents natural beauty, humility and innocence and attracts happiness and good energies. This simplicity and elegance, makes it easy to combine and gives us a very special touch.



Drawing on the July ruby birthstone and the strength it brings.

If you were born in July, your stone is... theRuby! This precious stone, besides being related to sexual energy, also represents trust and friendship, helping you to strengthen the bonds with your environment. Dare to combine it with many accessories.




Illustration of the energy provided by the August green Peridot birthstone


If you were born in August, your stone is... Peridot! This gemstone is considered to be a gift from Mother Nature to celebrate the creation of a new world, so it is very powerful and will protect you with its healing properties... It is also said to be Cleopatra's favorite gemstone.



Drawing of the clarity provided by the September birthstone Dark Blue Sapphire

If you were born in September, your stone is... Sapphire! This gemstone is related to the third eye chakra, so it will help you see things more clearly and understand your environment better than ever. One way to wear it always with you in the form of jewelry, can be through interchangeable necklaces like these.



The birthstone of October opal brings protection and can be seen in this illustration

If you were born in October, your stone is... the Opal! This precious stone is considered protective against the hostilities around you, helping you to overcome difficult times and to take control of your life. And, to carry it always with you or even to surprise someone, a very original option can be this bracelet.



November birthstone Yellow citrine

If you were born in November, your stone is... Citrine! This gemstone is, par excellence, the stone of generosity, although it is also granted utilities such as the avoidance of obsessive jealousy and bad mood. So, do not forget to combine it with any of your looks, especially those dedicated to events or special occasions.



Illustration on the balance given by the December birthstone Blue Topaz.

If you were born in December, your stone is... Blue Topaz! This precious stone will bring us softness, balance, communication and understanding in order to achieve our purposes. It is also excellent for those who need calm, and it is recommended that the stone is always in direct contact with the person through the rings.

So, these are the 12 stones that can bring us luck according to our date of birth and the properties that each of them brings us! If you are already convinced which one suits you best, combine it with the jewelry you like and create your unique looks according to your needs. And, if you have any questions about birthstones, do not hesitate to visit our website and write to us so we can help you to look always spectacular.





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