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Wedding hairstyles

Regardless of your style, the first thing to do is to find an elegant and simple wedding hairstyle that can hold up until the end of the day or night. Also, it's best to choose something that suits your personality and glows up your usual style. From braids, buns, ponytails to loose hair and half updos with waves, here are our favorite wedding hairstyles to get the best guest look. Let's get to work!


Hairstyles for wedding guests



Before choosing any type of wedding hairstyle, there are some factors to consider. First, the type of hair, as there are hairstyles that favor some more than others. Secondly, the guest's look. If it is a romantic look, braids are your best ally. However, for a sophisticated look, a simple wedding chignon is better. Lastly, the neckline of your dress, as some hairstyles are more suited to one type of neckline than others.


1. Wedding hairstyles with tails

This may seem like a simple everyday hairstyle, but the truth is that wedding ponytails can look very chic depending on how you do them. A first option is to make a very polished low ponytail with loose strands in the front. This updo does not require a lot of time and will look elegant.



On the other hand, you can add many variations to a low ponytail. For example, change the middle parting for a side parting, make a low ponytail with waves, decorate with brooches, bows or flowers, etc.

In addition, you can vary and make a high wedding ponytail by adding volume. In this way, it will be very fixed but tousled and natural.


The bubble ponytail is also one of our favorite guest hairstyles. It consists of making a normal ponytail and tying rubber bands along it to make bubbles of volume.



2. Elegant wedding bows

Wedding bows are all the rage! This 2023, a wedding chignon trend is the ballerina style. It is simple, elegant and very chic that can be worn both polished and more relaxed. Stylists and influencers recommend combining it with headdresses and pamelas, as well as accompanying it with voluminous outfits, asymmetries and original patterns. This is a low wedding chignon that suits everyone:


On the other hand, high buns for weddings are looking very fashionable this year. As worn by model Rosie H.W., it is a very easy and flirty wedding guest hairstyle.


Don't forget the braids! The braided bows for weddings are still original. If you do not know how to braid braids yourself, you can ask another friend to help you on this important day.



3. Braided updos for weddings

Braids are one of the most romantic and magical things there is, so what better way to wear them for a wedding? There are a thousand ways to make braided wedding hairstyles. For starters, it can be a normal braid or a root braid.

You can also opt for a low braided updo by simply making one or two braids and twisting them into a bun.

Another simple braided updo for weddings is to make a high ponytail and, from there, braid any type of braid all the way to the end. You can choose a three strand braid, a four strand braid, a five strand braid, a herringbone braid, etc. And tousle a few strands for a casual touch.


What about herringbone braids for weddings? We suggest you try a low ponytail and, from there, make a full herringbone braid all the way to the end or in pieces. It's a super flattering and romantic hairstyle that you can accessorize with a headpiece or a pamela. When you take it off, you will still have the hairstyle intact.


4. Hairstyles with loose hair for weddings

Not everything has to be updos, there is also a wide variety of loose hair styles for weddings. For the more daring, the wet look that was worn years ago can still be worn now. Just scrunch the hair to the side or back with more or less product depending on how much volume you want. This way, you get a more natural or a more sophisticated finish. Whether on long or short hair, it will look great!


An ideal middle ground would be to wear a half updo for a wedding. It can be with small braids at the roots leaving the rest of the hair loose or opting for accessories such as a flower crown or tiara.

Here is one of our favorite updos with headbands for weddings. All you have to do is put on your favorite guest headband, take the strands closest to your face and clip them with bobby pins at the back of your hair and you'll look perfect!

Half updos for weddings with braids are always a wild card. You can choose between a normal braid or this fishtail in the photo. It is a simple wedding guest hairstyle that can be perfectly done at home.



5. Wedding hairstyles with waves

Finally, if you are tired of straight hair, there are many wedding hairstyles with waves. For example, loose hair with water waves or surfer waves will be perfect for a mid-length or long hair. The former are a bit more pronounced than the latter, which are more natural and add movement and are perfect to counteract an overdone style.


In the same way, waves can also be included in ponytails. As mentioned before, waves in a low or high ponytail will add the perfect touch to your hairstyle.

A tip for a perfect wedding wave hairstyle is to fix them with hairspray after making them. This way, they will hold all day without the need to touch them up.


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