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Britain's most important crown jewels

The British Crown Jewels certainly seem to us to be a fascinating world from a jewelry point of view. There are thousands of jewels that the British Crown keeps in particular, and there are many, which have a great value, becoming a symbol of England due to the great history behind them. It seems to us a perfect visualization of all the value that a jewel can have and for that reason, today in LAVANI we want to show you the most important jewels of the British Crown.

British Crown Jewels are considered to be all those objects owned by the family whose origin is gold, silver or precious stones. We anticipate that this fabulous collection is the most valuable jewelry collection in the world, so you can imagine how fascinating everything is going to be...

Come and discover them!




The Armillae is a fascinating bracelet that all British monarchs must have. This fabulous accessory represents the wisdom and sincerity of kings towards their people.

 Armillae British Crown: armband


Crowning ring

The coronation ring is given to British monarchs as its name says on the coronation day itself. This jewel is a symbol of union and commitment to the nation. One of the oldest and most famous that has come down to these recent years is the ring of William IV.

 British Crown Coronation Ring



This jewel is one of the lesser known called Kokoshnik, it is a headdress similar to a comb, but very large, worn by Russian farmwomen in ancient times but became very fashionable among all Russian czars, until it reached the British crown itself. One of the most famous was the one made for the wedding in Wales between Princess Alexandra of Denmark and Edward VII with 488 diamonds and 60 platinum bars!

 Kokoshink British Crown



Dove Scepter

The Dove Scepter is so called because of the figure of the dove on its upper part. It is one of the most representative jewels as monarchs wear it during their coronation, carrying it on their left hand.

British Crown Dove Scepter


Scepter of the Cross

The Scepter of the Cross was created in 1661 but later modified in 1910 when Cullinan I had one of the most precious jewels in the world incorporated, The Star of Africa or also, the largest cut diamond in the world, WOW! All monarchs wear it during their coronation, carrying it in their right hand.

British Crown Cross Scepter



St. Edward's Crown

The St. Edward's Crown or the St. Edward's Crown. Edward's Crown is the centerpiece of the British Crown Jewelry collection. Weighing 2 kg, it is made up of precious and semi precious stones such as tourmalines, amethysts, pearls and sapphires. It is used by the Archbishop of Canterbury during the coronations of British monarchs.

St. Edward Crown British Crown


Crown of the Imperial State

Queen Elizabeth II's great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, reigned for a long 64 years. For this reason, a very special crown was created in 1838, which is formed by one of the largest rubies in the world: The Crown of the Imperial State.

Crown of the Royal Empire


Queen Elizabeth Crown

A unique crown specially created for Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, this is the only crown made of platinum, with a very special detail, the Koh-i-noor diamond, a very old stone, weighing 105 carats!

 Crown Queen Elizabeth Crown British Crown


We are sure that you will have been equally surprised, shocked and fascinated by the magnificent collection of British crown jewels, which, without a doubt, looks like something out of another world! There are many more, but we wanted to tell you the ones with the most history and the most significant. We hope you have enjoyed and learned a little more about the great value and history that jewelry can contain.


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