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Gifts girlfriend friends

The day has arrived. Your friend is getting married and you play a prominent role, whether you are a companion in the preparation, a witness to the wedding or a bridesmaid. Surely you are thinking about the best gift ideas for a friend. It is important to give her your support on this special day. Therefore, we bring you a list of original gifts for a friend.


Gifts for your friend who is getting married



Friends are in charge of making the bride feel as comfortable as possible on her wedding day. One of the ways to make her feel special is to express her importance in friendship with gifts. Among all the possible proposals, we bring you the best wedding gift ideas for a friend.


1. Wedding gift for a friend


Surprise breakfast basket

During the morning before the ceremony, there are many preparations for the bride. Who wouldn't like a little food relief? An ideal thing to give your best friend to start the day off right is a breakfast she likes: sweet or savory, filling but not bloated, and something to look forward to. Croissants, toast, pancakes, sweets, juices, etc.



Satin robe

In the same way, while the hair and makeup preparations are going on, the bride has to be as comfortable as possible. A personalized satin gown is a great choice and a special gift for a friend. The personalization can be in the form of signatures or beautiful drawings, it will be a precious detail.




Jewelry is an ideal gift to give to a bride on her wedding. , , .... You can wear them on the second day of the wedding, wear them on your honeymoon or even in everyday life. In LAVANI Jewels we have many options of that you can choose according to the style that your friend wears.



A perfume is definitely a gift for a best friend as you have to know her very, very well. Everyone's favorite scents can vary a lot and it is important to get it right. Therefore, if you decide to give this gift you should be very sure of your choice.



Medal for bridal bouquet

The best wedding gift for your friend who is getting married is, without a doubt, an medal for her bouquet. Engrave a beautiful dedication that unites your friendship to support her while she is at the altar.



A pair of shoes

Just like the satin gown, shoes are also an element of personalization. If you have been looking for the wedding dress together with your friend, you will know what shoes she will have liked. However, if your friend does not wear high heels on a daily basis, it is preferable to choose a comfortable flat-soled shoe. If they are white sneakers, you can take them to a studio for a special design, so you will know how to surprise a friend at her wedding!


2. Experience to give to a friend

Sometimes, an experience can be more special than something material. There are many things to do with your friend who is getting married and any of the following options are ideal for your friend to remember forever:


Organizing a bachelorette party

Travel, adventure, games, food, drink, relaxation and beauty, parties, shows.... If you know your friend well, you'll know what she likes. Name the event organizers, open an Excel and start brainstorming - she'll love it!


Photo session with the bride's friends

Another gift for a friend who is getting married can be a photo shoot. Hire a professional photographer to immortalize the moment and you will have an unforgettable memory both the bride and all her friends.

A spa session a few days before

The days leading up to a wedding are very stressful. A spa session can be a good option so that your friend can dedicate a moment of relaxation, have good care and attention and look perfect on her wedding day. Think about how good she will look both inside and out.



Special remarks during the ceremony

Of course, you could not miss a nice speech for your friend during the ceremony. If you choose to say a few words for a friend who is getting married, choose the funniest and most emotional moments you have spent together, essences of her personality, some jokes and all the good things you wish her in her new stage.


3. What if the bride is you?

We have already talked about special gifts from girlfriends for the bride. But if the bride is you and you want to make a gift for your B.F.F., what can you do in this significant moment?

There are details for friends of the bride that can be shared from the previous list. For example, the satin gown or the shoes. If we think of more gifts to give to your friend, there are very nice proposals:


A mini bouquet of flowers

It is becoming more and more common that, before the wedding or during the banquet, the bride comes to give a replica of her bouquet to her best friend. It is a special gift that will make your friend keep it after this day.


A guest headband

The most used accessory lately in the guest looks is the headband. Whether for formal events or for everyday wear, it is very comfortable, and trendy.



Makeup and hairdressing for the big day

During your wedding preparations, they will be doing your hair and makeup all morning. Guests should not be left behind and a good way to give a gift to your friend is to include her in the makeup budget to leave both .




Do you want a personalized wedding gift? Contact us and we will find a solution adapted to your budget.


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