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Fix a broken chain with 6 simple tips.

If we combine the fact that, on many occasions, when it comes to "home repairs" people are more likely to try to repair the damage on their own and that more and more people are wearing all kinds of pendants of different shapes and colors, it seems reasonable why the search for this type of solution has become a new demand. 

How to fix a broken chain? Discover these 5 simple tips!


Although the probability of breakage depends, to a large extent, on the quality of the chain, the truth is that chains can break for many reasons and none of them is exempt from this. That is why today we would like to give you 5 simple tips to help you solve this problem!

Read on and find out what solutions you can give to your broken chain!

1. Types of chains

As we mentioned, since there are countless types of gold chains with which we can complement our garments, the solution we give to the problem will depend largely on it. For this reason, it is important that you do not rush when it comes to fixing it and that you approach the solution from the beginning with the right perspective.

What does this imply? Well, it implies that the first step you have to take is to see if your chain is forged from thin or thick links. In case your chain is made with small but easy to open links, you are one of the lucky ones as your gold link chain will have an easy solution. However, if, on the other hand, your chain is a Venetian chain or a ball chain, the solution may be a bit more complex requiring some specific skills and knowledge.

Once you are clear about your type of chain, you can move on to the next step!

2. Examine the chain breakage

The second important step when a chain breaks is to examine the problem. In other words, it is important to know which part has broken. To give you a little advance notice, we clarify that, normally, the pieces that usually break are either the links that join one to the other, or the clasp that allows us to join one side of the pendant with the other.

However, the truth is that most of the time the breakage usually occurs at the junction between the clasp and the collar, as this is where the greatest tension is exerted.

3. Repair your link jewelry

If your gold chain is made of links, the solution is simpler. For this, you will need a pair of needle-nose pliers and a firm hand!

With the needle nose pliers you have to open the broken link of the chain and remove it so that it does not cause any more problems. Next, open the link at one end and carefully release the one that is good at the end you have opened. Finally, using flat pliers, you close the open link and seal the joint between them so that it does not break again.

In case your gold link chain, instead of being open, is with closed links, repairing your jewelry can be a bit more complicated since you will have to use solder to join the separated ends. Since this step requires certain skills that not everyone has, using someone who knows how to solder would be the way to go!

4. Repair the clasp of your jewelry

If, on the other hand, it is not the link that is broken, but the clasp, it may be the jump ring that is broken, or it may be the clasp itself.

If it is the jump ring, the ideal option to repair our jewelry would be to unhook the broken ring, replace it with another one and reattach the clasp to it. However, if it is the clasp that has broken, we will have to find one that matches, unhook the old one from the jump ring and reattach the new one.

5. Reinvent your gold chain

In case our pendant is a closed link gold chain and you don't have the basic knowledge and skills to solder, reinvent yourself!

Try attaching a beaded spacer to create a new piece of jewelry, as well as a wire with freshwater pearls or beads to connect to your chain.

Another option could be to add chains that extend your necklace with a cord or chamois that you can connect with plugs or lace clips. Similarly, you can also add pearls between links, varying the material and size, as well as the shape of the beads.

6. Our recommendation

As manufacturers of quality jewelry that we are, from LAVANI, our advice when you buy chains is that you take into account the materials of which they are made, valuing, beyond what you are looking for in a chain with respect to brightness, color or cost, the quality of it to be as resistant as possible and also does not cause allergies. Here is a table with some summarized characteristics of the main materials used, which we hope will help you to avoid having to repair your jewelry!

Options such as the Marine Long Necklace, the René Pink pendant or the Madonna can be the perfect choices!

Enter in and discover all our aesthetic and quality chains!


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